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Naros Archipelago

Situated near the centre of the Sea of Strange Lands, the Naros Archipelego is made up of the Islands of North Naros, South Naros and West Naros - The Narroyans are not famed for their originality. It serves as the headquarters of the Merchant Mages and acts as a trading point for the lands around the Sea.


Three islands forming a circle surrounding the deep water harbour known as the Pool of Naros. The islands have steep cliff faces on the inner side and gently slope to the sea on the outer - they were formed when the long dormant volcano of Naros expolded in <<<date about 500 before present>>>.

Natural Resources

The archipelago is well provided with building stone (a fine, grey basalt) which is hard to work but very resilient to weathering and timber, used as fuel and for ship repairs, notably at Beaching. The climate is unusually wet for a comparatively low island - one of many features of the archipelago that are ascribed to the operations of the Merchant Mages. This, and the fish in the surrounding seas mean that the it is actually a minor exporter of food products, though the main business of the towns of Naravon and Naroydon is trade.
The Naros Archipelego
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