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An area of forest near Poden on the Western side of the lake.   There is a small village in the South Eastern part of the state by the middle lake which is a little out the way town that many nobles have holidays homes in.    Due to the state being alongside Pashacht the area is full of a range of dangerous creatures.    Before Podenshutdown for safety measures patrols would pass between them and Treumar every five or so days (1d5 with 5 being patrols are nearby for assistance).  However if Poden reopens itself this will go back to normal.


Heavily wooded forests.  There are two lakes on it's Eastern and South Eastern boarder. They are connected by a river. To the North are the Mountains of the Silent Watcher marking it's top boarder.

Fauna & Flora

Known creatures faced:
  • Black Bears

Natural Resources

Lots of fruits, timber and game for hunting.
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