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Roxikyens Inventures

Date: 24 5 1624

Today marks the day of our foundation. We will be calling ourselves "Roxikyens Inventures". Caller came up with the name and it suits us well. I'll be keeping track of our progress in this journal. Let's get to work.
— Whistle


We are currently a team of six, Axe, Caller, Page, Shadow, Abriar and myself. I don't know how it happened but somehow I ended up as our "leader" in the research department, but we are all still making decisions democratically. We all have our parts to play. Caller acts as our leader when out adventuring, Axe as the one responsible for crafting and materials, Page controls our financials, and Shadow is responsible for our connections with other organizations.


We all believe that mankind has barely scartched the surface of what is possible. While everyone has their own motive on why they are part of this group, the goal of uncovering the secrets of a world before ours is shared by everyone. Some want to help their families with new technologies, some want the money, some want revenge on the gods, and some, like me, are in it just to see the wonders this world has to offer.

Public Agenda

This is a touchy thing at the moment. We are not yet sure how public we want to be with our research, since the gods are always watching. When talking with other guilds, Shadow makes sure to always use a different name for our research group, as well as makes sure that no suspicion is drawn to us. I'm glad we found this more rural area where not much attention is drawn to the usual clang of metal tinkering. I think our neighbours still believe that this is just our "little hobby workshop".


Currently, we only have one Research Facility and about 2500gp. Apparently you get good coin from being a Zvaarian Lumberjack. It's really handy having two of them in the party.


Our History, huh. As much as I love thinking back, it also sort of terrifies me, still having no idea what exactly happened. I will, however, keep it short to not bore the future with my rambling.

Before The First Adventure

I'll have to start at the beginning then. While I don't fully know how my partners came to meet with me and Caller, since we have yet to talk about old times, I can talk a bit about the two of us. Caller and I go way back, and we decided to get out of our boring lives in The Silvermugs general area. Since I am orphaned and Callers family hates her, we had no reason to stay. We ventured out to find an exciting way to gain some money and to start a new life. We knew about a place called The Ancient Woodland Temple and its possible treasury so we looked for possible allies, accompanying us on an expedition. That's where we found Axe, Shadow and Page.

A Time before Gods

Major spoilers for "A Time before Gods" manuscript
We entered the Temple together. Inside it, the team and I fought a beast, defeated the angel of death using Caller as a host, met an unknown god of time named Urgee, aquired Abriar, our sixth member, and received a gift from Urgee, the blueprint that started all of this. Lots of secrets are still unsolved however. Why would the Eight Primals reject the Celestials, what happened to Azrael, the angel of death, what are the runes about we found in there? I plan to get behind all of it.

To the Present

After our adventure and the new found knowledge, we set out to find a place to stay. We got to know each other more and became friends. Recently, we each earned some money either through the Zvaarian Adventurers Guild, commissions through the lumberjacks or other means, and we bought the very first Roxikyens Research Facility to conduct our first research. This is also, where I am writing this down right now.

Unravel and Evolve

Adventuring Party
Company: Scientific Research


Their First Heist

A Time before Gods

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