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Guiding Orchids

Ah yes, Guiding Orchids. These sparkly, cyan-colored flowers, are commonly found in desserts next to, or above water sources. They are a blessing for travellers and a sought after plant to have in your local royal garden.
— All knowing Lohrk


Guiding Orchids are a saving grace for a lost soul venturing throughout the continent wide deserts of Shamol'yek. Tales are spread around Cathrea, those of righteous nature on the bring of death shall receive a blessing from the gods in the form of a flower bed. A sign of life, in the drylands. Beyond the flowers, a pond emerges, as clear as the sky.


It is yet unknown why the Guiding Orchids only grow in deserts. Noble families have sought after the flower for generations. A lot of water is needed to let the colorful green stem grow its cyan blossoms. Even more water is needed to emit the silver light, coming from within the flowers core. Several royal families have the orchids in their gardens, and they vegitate just fine. So why is it, that they naturally only grow in dry areas?


Most settlements in Shamol'yek have laws against picking Guiding Orchids. They are highly sacred to the inhabitants, going so far as to having a continent-wide yearly celebration, called the Guiding Light. It is considered a capital offense to remove the flower from its waterbed without an official permission. When a new, wild, Orchid bed is spotted, it has to be reported to the settlements leaders. A Silverlight Sanctuary will be built surrounding the found watersource.
very rare
Common Uses
Finding Watersources
Guiding Light
Average Length

Rare Usage

The Guiding Orchids have countless unknown properties to them. The best Botanists of Cathrea conduct research on them to gain a better understanding of their habits in location und uses in medicine. Only about 100 orchids are under research, and about the same number of flowers are posessions of royal families.
Thy shall abdjure the temptation of silverlight, so that thy kindred might receive a fighting chance in the drylands.
— A plead from a poet

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22 Dec, 2021 10:00

Fascinating flowers. How come they grow in the royal families gardens but not in other nobel families gardens? How do they reproduce? Regardless, they sound beautiful, great work

22 Dec, 2021 10:38

Maybe I should rephrase. Royals get special permission (or not) to harvest a couple flowers and plant them in their gardens. I have not yet thought about reproduction but I'll think about it ^^ glad you enjoy them!

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
22 Dec, 2021 14:15

Ah, yeah that makes more sense that the royals get to pluck them/steals them.