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Ah yes, the Dentroga. These predatorial canines are a moderately aggressive bunch. The male Dentroga are often seen roaming away from their territory to hunt for prey, while their female counterpart is more territorially active and defends their home from invaders. While fending off enemies, the silver-blue skinned females are often seen to be way more brutal than their brown-red skinned counterparts. A feisty bunch, aren't they?
— All knowing Lohrk

Basic Information


The general anatomy of the Dentroga closely resembles an overgrown wolf. The females are quite a bit bigger than the males due to their evolutionary roles of looking intimidating and defending their home. While both genders have spikey fur and hardened sharp teeth and nails, the females typically have the more dangerous composition of the two. Their spikes are longer, sharper and way more dangerous so as to scare and fend off attackers. They are colored in a shiny silver and deep clear blue hue.

The male Dentroga rely more on stealth than on brute force to survive. They are way smaller and faster than the females, harmonizing perfectly with their job as a hunter. Their wooden brown and matte red spikes are shorter and more hidden. Their claws are camouflaged in a brown color but are just as deadly, if not deadlier than those of the females.

Ecology and Habitats

Dentroga are almost exclusively found in mountain ranges and valleys. They are either born into a pack that already occupies a cave/construct, or are made to raid and settle into a new home, often resulting in territorial fights with other species. Most commonly inhabited are the abandoned tunnels created by Kayaworms, which range from 0.5 - 2m in diameter.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dentroga are very much carnivores and need freshly hunted down meat every eight to ten days depending on their recent activities.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The hide of both male and female Dentroga are sought after by renowned leatherworkers. When handeled carefully, not only the hide, but also the fangs and spikes are used in the clothing, armoring and weaponry markets.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Dentroga are jacks of all traits, masters of none in sensory capabilities. They are average in all sight, hearing and feeling. Like most animals on Cathrea, most have close to no magical sensory abilities and cannot tell a magical being from a non-magical one. However, the more the Dentroga evolve, defend and hunt, the more this sense develops, although noone really knows if this is a real magical sense or more intuition.
Scientific Name
Average Height
female: 140cm/4'6ft
male: 110cm/3'6ft
Average Weight
female: 110kg/143lbs
male: 80kg/176lbs
Average Length
female: 330cm/10'8ft
male: 250cm/8'2ft
Geographic Distribution
Wizards Placeholder by nnie
Bestiary entry #12:
Dentroga seem to have above average intuition. They avoid high class adventurers, only growling at their sight. What causes this?
— Researcher

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