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Cathedris Themesong


These birds are strange cousins to Scaetthen. Crows are only found in the cold northern regions of the world, often associated with money and good luck, and they're usually a favored animal in folklore and mythology.

Cover image: by Henry Be


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Oct 2, 2023 00:55 by TJ Trewin

I love this smol snippet format :3 it reminds me of lore snippets you'd see on a loading screen <3

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Oct 3, 2023 00:54 by Stormbril

Thank you TJ! <3 Loading screen is the perfect analogy, I'm excited to make more of these :D

Oct 3, 2023 05:29 by Ononomad

Snippets are not to be snubbed. They ain’t no stubs. They be spooky and snappy.

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