Ancestries in game.

Anything you can justify, but there are ancestries that could be problematic:   1. Gnomes have a really bad reputation, they are seen by many as Bad Omens. Because almost no one will hire them, they have gone underground, sometimes literally, and formed their own societies. They are judged by actions of a small number of Fiend worshipping ancestors.     2. Orcs: They are as good and evil as anyone else, but they are seen as Agents of Evil by some.     4. Hobgoblins: If you are a hobgoblin many assume that you are part of The Dominion.       5. Goblins: Originating in the same place as Hobgoblins. They are seen as pests by many, and it is assumed that they are agents of The Dominion.       6. Tieflings will raise some eyebrows, but are generally left alone.       7. Asimars would want to keep a low profile, because they are seen as emisaries of The Light, or some deity, and will be asked to bless this, concecrate that.       8. Beastkin: Depending of the type of animal the beastkin form is, reactions vary from fascination to outright fear.     9. Beast races: See above.     10. Weird stuff: Fleshwarps, etc. If you look too monstrous you might have a hard time.

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