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Black Swan

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After the prince broke Odette's curse, they got married and they lived happily ever after.     Odile who is still under Rothbards curse is not so lucky, she is content with her life. But when Odette learns about Odile's condition she determined to help Odile and break her curse as well.  

Release date

May 31th 2022  


Retelling, Fantasy, Romance  



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Reading hours

2-3 hours

Cover design

How many words



Dennis van Peppen


Purpleheart Publishing



Purpleheart Publishing

Purpleheart publishing is the name Nathalia Books and Mariposa Floresce are using to publishing their work. With a good cup of coffee, the books are coming together.

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About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.


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