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Black Carriage


The Black carriages were introduced when the Cheetah Express opened its doors. This was soon after the discovery of the cure of the illness Mystic Cough. This around the year 220.  


The carriages are used to transport people who contracted the Mystic Cough to Fontez, where the well known bathhouse Miracle Springs stands. It is the only bathhouse who provides the cure for the illness. After the transport, the carriage is cleaned with the cure ready for use once more.  


The carriages are made from the darkest type of dark Chestnut wood and painted with black paint. The inside has place for four people, two on every side of it. The seats are covered with a black fabric that shines in the sun. The windows of the vehicle are covered with curtains of the same fabric. The vehicle is pulled by two black horses, and even the coachman is dressed in black. So there is no mistake, what the carriage is for.  

Cheetah Express

by Nathalia with Canva

After the cure for the Mystic Cough was found, the owners of a few carriages saw an opportunity that they couldn't refuse. Miracle Springs was the only bathhouse that was willing to provide the cure, so people needed a way to get there and fast. So they started the Cheetah Express, named after the Cheetah room in the bathhouse.
by St. James Infirmary Blues
20 gold pieces
Owning Organization

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Jan 9, 2022 00:57

I like how specific a purpose this vehicle has, and the details like the logo. Would love to know more of the background, like who was brave/crazy enough to tailor a service specifically to an illness that seems so serious. Do the coachmen take particular precautions? Lovely article!

If you're seeing this, I may have used your article for my 2023 Reading Challenge.