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The Crows of Dia Maita Cathedral

The crows have lived in the dome of Dia Maita Cathedral for hundreds of years. It is said that they were brought to the cathedral by Grandmaster Caitanus of the Order of Dia Maita in 600 AnCog for the rededication of the cathedral. While the exact number of crows currently living in the cathedral is unknown, there are over a hundred on the grounds and twenty living inside the dome itself. The nuns and monks living at the cathedral are very fond of the crows and they are very well taken care of. While it is considered a sacrilege to cage the birds, many members of the staff have particular birds that travel and live with them.   The crows are deeply connected to Dia Maita and often feature in her iconography. Those that live in the cathedral are considered holy birds and many believe that they bring good luck, prosperity, and fertility. The birds can often be found with small scrolls, filled with prayers, tied to their legs in the hope that the prayers will reach Dia Maita. Although it is not uncommon to see people praying to the birds themselves, this is highly discouraged by the clergy.    The crows are the subject of hundreds of superstitions and folk beliefs. One of the most prevalent is the belief that if the birds were to ever abandon the cathedral that would be a sign that Dia Maita had abandoned the kingdom. The reason for this abandonment differs in various communities. The most prominent are because of the country's debauchery and infidelity to Dia Maita and because a false ruler has taken the throne. Although this superstition is often belittled by the clergy, whenever construction disturbs the birds they are never allowed to move out of the cathedral.


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