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Western Werewolves

The Western Republic is particularly infamous for its harsh persecution of Supernaturals. Since humans were given control of the continent, they have implemented a series of measures to control the life of Supernaturals and to limit their opportunities in life.   Out of all the Supernaturals, however, the Western Republic treatment of its Werewolves is particularly shocking for outsiders. Werewolves are not permitted to own property, enrol at university, or work in places that do not have the "adequate facilities" to hold them during the full moon (which excludes 99% of workplaces, because installing such facilities is expensive to the point of not being worth it, and the cost of having such facilities inspected and certified is even more prohibitive). Furthermore, Western Werewolves are required to have a visible mark of identification in their bodies (usually a tattoo in their right arm), and all their identity documents are stamped with a red "W".   The government's official reason for such extreme measures of control is that the Western Continent is the original home of werewolves. Before humans were put in charge, this was the werewolf homeland, where their violent, gruesome, barbaric traditions were born. Humans fear that to give werewolves freedom to roam in their own land would bring them back to that time of savagery.   However, humans have now been in control for such a long time that most of the old traditions from werewolf culture were repressed to the point of being irreparably lost. The government works tirelessly to convince its citizens that whichever traditions still persist are of such barbaric nature that they do not belong in their civilised, fair, and humane society.


Culture and cultural heritage

Unfortunately, most of the original culture of Western Werewolves (and therefore all werewolves around the world) has been erased in human's attempt to "civilise" and control the werewolf population. Slurgh is the only place in the entire Western Republic that still preserves some traditions.

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