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The Librarians

The Librarians are a group of elite mages, each specializing in a different school of magic. They reside in the Library of Reflection, a magnificent, multi-dimensional structure that is said to contain every magical tome, scroll, and parchment ever written outside of Cardinal. The library itself, apart from being a vast repository of tangled knowledge, is also a powerful magical entity that aids the Librarians in their pursuits.   Each Librarian is in charge of a specific section in the library, where books of their particular magic school reside. Their mission is twofold: to safeguard the world from magical threats and to explore and protect the library's collection.   Allies and Enemies: Being neutral keepers of knowledge, the Librarians often find themselves courted by various factions for their vast information. However, they have strict rules against interference in political affairs. That said, dark forces, lured by the promise of immense power, often attempt to break into the library or subdue the Librarians for their own gain.   The Librarians, with their unique set of skills and their immense repository of knowledge, are a formidable force in the magical world. While they primarily aim to safeguard and expand their collection, they also play a pivotal role in maintaining balance in the arcane realm. Whether it's defending against dark forces, mediating magical disputes, or venturing into unknown territories for lost scrolls, their tales are of epic proportions, whispered in hushed tones in every corner of the magical world.   Elric the Gatekeeper - Conjuration
Elric, known throughout the arcane realm as 'The Gatekeeper', stands as a beacon of stability in a world of chaos. Elric's unwavering certainty and openness guide him in his role as a master conjurer and leader. Yet, beneath the layers of confidence, an air of arrogance shadows him. His expertise lies in his ability to conjure portals, beckoning creatures from realms known and unknown. With a profound respect for the balance between worlds, he ensures that no entity remains where it doesn't belong. Though revered, some say Elric occasionally lingers too long at the thresholds, staring into abysses that no other dares to.   Characteristic Spell: "Aetherial Gates" - Summons gates to other realms and beckons creatures to do his bidding.   Freya the Blaze - Evocation
  When the skies roar and the earth trembles, Freya is at the heart of the tempest. A thinker, she seeks significance in every spark and flame. With an extroverted charm, she lights up any gathering, but her fiery jealousy can ignite disputes just as quickly. Fyra's empathetic nature often places her between conflicts, striving to find a balance in a volatile world.   Characteristic Spell: "Starfire Burst" - Releases a devastating explosion of raw magic.   Galen the Shield - Abjuration
  Steadfast and protective, Galen is the silent guardian of arcane secrets. His desire for connection binds him to his allies, ensuring their safety against dark forces. Though he wears a demeanor of agreeableness, whispers speak of hidden dishonesty. Galen's wanderlust frequently leads him to uncharted territories, discovering new shields against the unknown.   Characteristic Spell: "Aegis of Ages" - Forms an impenetrable magical shield.   Alaris the Shaper - Transmutation
In the ever-changing dance of the cosmos, Alaris plays a pivotal role. His hunger for growth propels him to reshape reality, but his inner neuroticism makes each transformation a gamble. Yet, despite the chaos, Alaric's altruistic heart often shines through, especially when romance is in the air.   Characteristic Spell: "Morphic Resonance" - Changes the nature of objects or beings.   Sylva the Seer - Divination[
  With a gaze that pierces time, Sylva stands as the confidant to kings and paupers alike. Her contributions to the arcane are legendary, though her scheming tactics often raise eyebrows. Impulsiveness marks her every decision, but it's her visionary insights that make her indispensable. In the tales of old, her foresight has both prevented wars and ignited them.   Characteristic Spell: "Window of Fate" - Reveals glimpses of the future.   Lila the Mesmer - Enchantment
  Lila, the enchantress with an uncanny ability to captivate, is a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Her drive for certainty contrasts sharply with her craft's unpredictable nature. But it's her stubborn nature that truly defines her. Lila's intuitive magic can sway even the most determined of hearts, leaving a trail of mesmerized souls in her wake.   Characteristic Spell: "Sirens' Lure" - Enthralls beings, making them temporarily loyal.   Kael the Mirage Maker - Illusion
  Kael's world is one of shadows and reflections, where nothing is as it seems. Thriving on variety, he crafts illusions that have fooled both friend and foe. But, behind the mirage, lies a cunning mind, adept at manipulation. Kael's passion for life ensures that his tales are always filled with twists and turns, where the line between reality and illusion blurs.   Characteristic Spell: "Realm of Reverie" - Creates an immersive illusionary world.