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Cardinal The Weighted World


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Welcome to Cardinal, the Weighted World, a realm where all aspects of life are always evolving and reacting to one another in great extremes. Born from the First Convergence, a cataclysmic event that merged various planes and worlds, Cardinal is a blend of different ages and realities, where ancient and unknown lands coexist with recent formations.   It is a place of wonderment and adversity, where Aspects of creation and mortals alike struggle to maintain the delicate equilibrium between the pillars of creation. From the icy tundra of the north to the fiery deserts of the south, from the soaring peak of the world tree to the deepest depths of Underkeep, the forces of the aspects of creation shape the very fabric of reality, even so by mortal hands.   Beware, for the balance is fragile, and the slightest shift can unleash catastrophic consequences. As magic spreads and the world advances, new threats and opportunities arise, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will you join the struggle to maintain the equilibrium, or will you seek to tip the scales in your favor? The choice is yours, in the Weighted World.