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The land of tranquility

Best known for its glaciers, this country sits at the very top of Othanan. The long winter sees this territory as a snowy, barren wasteland. Summer, however, brief as it is, shows an entirely different landscape. Hardy bush and tall grass patches decorate the ground, interspersed with lichen and ice-worn stones. The forests at the southern-most portions provide excellent protection and fuel for the land's residents, and migrating herds of various beasts can be seen year-round.   Winters here are so cold that even the ocean freezes over, barring any movement by seafaring vessels until things begin to thaw in spring.


Back before Lumin was a proper country, Yvesland was home to very few people. Those who did live there kept in small, nomadic tribes that followed the herds as they wandered the tundra. People versed in Witchcraft were common among the tribes as medicine folk and the local fey were known to leave behind gifts after spending the night in one's home.   When folks from other countries came in to tame this bit of wilderness, they built castles and permanent settlements during the short summer months. Unwittingly, their building and the strain of extra hunting had disturbed the migratory paths of much of the wildlife in such a way that it nearly destroyed the nomadic way of life for a good number of the indigenous tribes.   Most of the tribes resigned themselves to the settled lifestyle the colonists had built, integrating with the settlements until they were as much a part of the fabric of the communities as their founders. Those who were descended from the medicine folk continued their family traditions, becoming witches and doctors for the villages they resided in. New hunting techniques had to be developed and domestication became more common inland.   Then came the witch hunts. They'd reached Yvesland last, with a second wave of colonists from Laspos, but they were no less gruesome. If someone had a grudge against the village witch, or if a colonist fell for the propaganda, someone would get strung up. To an extent, the hunts never quite ended in Yvesland. Some families passed on the fear and paranoia. Witches learned to keep their practices secret, lest they find themselves turned on by half the village.

Demography and Population

The native and colonist populations are fairly mixed, though the majority is the colonists.   Most of the inhabitants are humans, though there is also a sizable Fey population. Other species, such as Murrins and Voloukris, are considerably rarer, particularly the latter.

Trade & Transport

Trade goods and medicines are transported primarily via dogsled, though this is not possible in most areas during summer and must instead be carried out on foot.   Exports must go through the port towns via ship as the mountains are too inconvenient and take far longer than is manageable. There is a regular schedule of trade vessels coming into the southern port to bring food and other supplies that are hard to obtain in the northerly territory.


Education is typically handled by parents and village leaders. The majority is passed-down knowledge of a trade, basic math, and some reading and writing. Those found to have talent in Magecraft are trained by other mages, often being sent away for lack of a local teacher.   Local traditions are also passed down. It's believed that not following these traditions would anger the Fey and bring their wrath upon one's house.
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
Evergreen lumber, Frozen seafood, Charmed stones
Major Imports
Fruit, Vegetables, Textiles, Medicine
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
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