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The Grey Curse

The plague came from the East. A pestilence which permeated to the very core of society. No person, from the tallest, strongest male to the youngest baby, was immune to the deadly affliction.   It began with a fever and a delirium which lasted one or two days. Men were laid low, raving and incoherent as rivers of perspiration engulfed them.     As the fever subsided, throbbing pustules appeared which covered their bodies. These ashen, putrid sores invaded every orifice, causing suffering so great that even the strongest man wished for the release which would come with death. Even their eyes were not untouched by these rancid scabs and even to blink brought indescribable torment. The wretched cries of the afflicted rung out across the settlements with no remedy to ease their misery.   Most could not fight the contagion and their bodies succumbed to it's onslaught. Even those who survived the sickness were left with hideous deformities where the great welts had penetrated into the skin, gouging out flesh and muscle. The pestilence spread through the people with terrifying pace, leaving very few untouched. Then, as quickly as it had struck, it was gone. Moving on to cause it's carnage to another unsuspecting and ill prepared people.   The only members of society who seemed untouched by the plague were the Bandruì healers. They saw the suffering of the people as they passed on their nomadic pilgrimages. These benevolent and caring people looked on in anguish as they feared for their own lives. The Bandurì covered their bodies in the Black Elixir, known only to them. This tincture provided a veil of shelter from the disease.

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