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The Boundless Sea

Along the Northernmost and Western shores of Caledonia lies The Boundless Sea, a turbulent expanse of water so large that it has no known end! It is believed this endless ocean encircles the entire world like a great river making all land but an island in its midst. The strength of the ocean currents produced by the boundless sea are unmatched by any known waters. The turbulent waters and strong currents of the boundless sea strike fear into the hearts of those tasked with navigating the exposed shores along the northern seaboard. The immense waves that crash on the shores here create the noise of thunder that can be heard miles inland and the wind that blows from this quarter is no less fierce than the turgid waters, coming most frequently from the west and howling in squalls, whipping the surface into a boiling state, making it almost impossible for even the most adept sailors to set a course. The currents too are a thing of wonder, coming in strong and bringing with them huge floating islands of ice that are brought down from under the constilation of the great bear.

No man that has sailed north or west from these parts has ever returned- although from time to time strange beasts are cast ashore or marooned here estranged from whence they came. Among them is the great tusked seal! a huge seal with two large teeth longer than a mans hand, another strange beast reported is the white bear, much larger than the Caledonian bear and of white fur, it is thought they live on the floating islands of ice and come to these parts when the ice arrives with the north winds. Men set out in curraghs to find the home of these beasts, making north from Thule but most never to return, those who do return had sailed home when supplies ran low after weeks of exploration in the open ocean. Those who dwell on Thule swear that strange men arrived on their shores in canoes blown away from their homelands in the north, they spoke a peculiar language and had a swarthy complexion with eyes like slits. staying only long enough to resupply then setting off north and were never seen again. For this reason folk are want to believe that there is land to the north and west beyond the reaches of The Boundless Sea.

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