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Letters from the Front

to Riverbank farm lucretia Aculeo of Tarrento  mother of Lucius Aculeo of Tarrento of the legio IX   Mother it is your son Lucius, i hope this letter finds you well. I have arrived at camp in the land of Britannia after crossing the rough northern sea. We marched for six weeks only resting to resupply before reaching our station on the shores of Gaul. This is the first chance we have to send letters since we began our journey. Cornelius and Agrippa are in good health but brother Atticus feet did not fare well in the long march we are looking after him. It is much cold here in Britannia but the food has been better than it was in Gaul. We await command from the new general before setting off to Caledonia in the coming weeks. i send to you my love and a gift from legions. Tell father to rest and get the stablehand to bring the herds to pasture, this is what we pay them for. 
to Riverbank farm lucretia Aculeo of Tarrento mother of Lucius Aculeo of Tarrento of the legio IX   Mother it is your son Lucius. We have arrived in our camp in demes of the Brigantes. Blessings to you that we received our socks, Cornelius feet are have healed well, we marched with mugwort in our sandals to your advice. Our new general is much preferred to the last, he is stern and of few words but takes better care for our needs. Tell father that we have already seen battle! these tribes don't stand a chance against the legions. It wont be long before we are marching through Rome victorious just as he did, although I'm sure he fought harder for it. Please do not worry for us.   Riverbank farm, lucretia Aculeo of Tarrento mother of Lucius Aculeo of Tarrento of the legio IX   Dear mother, we have returned to the safety of the Demes of the Boresti, On campaign we marched far, through stinking marshes, dark forests and pathless mountains, Nothing stood in our way. Our adversaries will not face us in battle, instead choosing to lurk in the shadows like cowards. The mountains are cold and wet and the weather never ceases to cause us much discomfort. I beg you please send buskins to keep us warm. Fear not for us, once we pin these savages down they will be easily put to the sword.    Riverbank farm, lucretia Aculeo of Tarrento Lucius Aculeo  legio IX   Mother we have returned to the Boresti once again. i beseech you do not spread the word to father that we faulter for i worry what the prefect might think if news reaches the town that things do not go well for us. We have lost Atticus and Cornelius, send word to their parents that they were brave men who served the empire well, give them the package i sent. Tell them I am sorry we will not be able to collect their remains for burial. I have been promoted to the rank of Optio, tell father i know now why he would not speak of his time in the legion.   Riverbank Tarrento, Lucretia Aculeo Lucius Aculeo Legio IX   Mother, hope not for my return, but take this package and keep it safe. I grieve the news of fathers passing and know now that life will be hard for you. I trust that this message will find you well and that you will be kept by it for some time. i regret to bring you the news that Agrippa did not see it through the summer, he fell bravely in defence of our post in a night time raid. i am sorry that i couldn't do any more for him. These wretched Caledonians have taken the fruit of your womb and i am the last of your children. I am sorry mother, we should have listened to you! The Ninth have lost half their number, soon we will be amalgamated before heading North once again to face our adversaries, i have little hope for my safe return. If this be my last letter to you, fear not, for i am in Elysium with pater and your sons. Please forgive me for taking all my brothers away, and know that we all loved your dearly.


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Dec 31, 2022 23:14 by Jacqueline Yang

I think this article is so sweet. I really like it in the letter format it makes everything feel so much more intimate. But, as a suggestion, maybe add in more details about his time out at war, maybe some happy times that he looks back on when he's discouraged or homesick.

Jan 7, 2023 15:35

Hi thanks for the feedback, i think you a probably right there about additional details about his experiences, probably more likely to report good things if you were writing to your mother. you know what they are like for worrying.

Jan 17, 2023 00:12

Love the idea of the compilation of letters, to others understand what they are living in the Front. I would like to understand better the relationship that he is missing with her mother. It looks to me that needs to express more warming worlds and not to formal words like the salutation.

May 12, 2023 00:51 by Marjorie Ariel

This is beautifully written. I love how you managed to tell a story through a few short letters.

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