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Beasts of Burden

The folk of Caledonia have always had a strong affinity with the wild beasts native to these parts, often seen as objects of veneration. There is also no shortage of beasts of burden among them. Tamed and bred after aeons of careful husbandry and companionship these beasts have become unique to these parts, suited to the harsh climes and way of life practiced among the clans of Albion.  


Dogs are the most cherished of mankind's companions, the Caledonians favour their hunting hounds over the company of others. The distinctive wolfhound breed is most common in these parts. Tall legged slender hounds with a long shaggy grey coat bred for giving chase to deer. The wolfhound is so powerful it can bring a deer down. These hounds are also used to protect flocks of sheep from the wolves that reside in the uplands and prey on lambs from time to time. It is said that when the Romans first sent emissaries to the Caledonians they were gifted a pack of wolfhounds, these dogs were brought to Rome and set against lions and tigers in the amphitheatre. All of rome marveled at their prowess as they held their own inns fight to the death against these forgein beasts.  

Eriskay Pony

The mounts of Albion are unlike the great steads bred in other lands. A much shorter pony is favoured by the Caledonians, the Eriskay pony being good natured and fit to be yoked or saddled. The ponies are bred by the Epiidi tribe and from there they have been adopted all over Albion. The Vacomagi and taexali use them to draw their chariots. Standing only to the height of a man and predominantly grey in colour these ponies can withstand the harsh conditions of winter.    


Grice are a domesticated breed of the wild boars that roam these parts in packs. Shaggy coated and with a long snout these beasts more have resemblance with wild boar than with pigs. They have a tendency to escape their pens causing much destruction to farmland if not captured soon enough. Grice are bred for their meat, which is a popular cut but only served on special occasions. The boars tusks are put to use for carving gaming peices and small charms.  

Golden Eagle

Falconry is practiced amongst some of the more remote tribes, eagles eggs are stolen from a nest, hatched and tamed from birth, these huge birds are used for hunting roe deer by their owners. They ride on horseback with the eagle resting on a perch fastened upon the saddle of the horse. Then they are set loose to prey upon the deer, swooping down and snatching them up before dropping them from height to make the kill.  

Highland Cow

The cattle have for generations been a source of meat and milk for the settlements, small farmers of the high country who lived principally by fishing and by subsistence agriculture. The hair too was useful in the process of spinning yarn. The calves were bought and sold at the annual trysts or cattle sales.

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