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Field of Glass

Legends say that when the Giver of Gifts created this world, she made sure to place an evergoing furnace in the middle of The Desolate Fields. The heat from the furnace was too hot for most people and plants to bare, but would grant the perfect conditions for other, and is what fuels the heat of the desert. And, at the very center of the desert, the heat from the furnace is so extreme that all the sand within miles of the furnace has turned into glass! This area is known as the Field of Glass.   Whether the story of its creation is true or not, the Field of Glass does indeed exist. Placed within the center of The Desolate Fields, further in than most people have ever ventured, the Field of Glass is a several miles long and wide area in which the ground and surroundings are entirely made of glass. Dunes, cliffs, and tall pillars made of glass decorate the barren landscape. The area is lit not only by the scorching sun, but by a constant orange glow that comes from the center of the field.


The Field of Glass is more than 60 miles in diameter in all directions, though its borders are difficult to specify, as local tongues of solid glass spread further into The Desolate Fields, and the sand within a couple of miles of the solid glass fields, contains a good deal of glass, and large glass spikes hiding in the sand to the danger of travelers sliding down dunes unaware of the dangers inches below the sand. In this area it is also Common to see large sandstone protrutions where only the side towards the center of the field of glass has been vitrified. These features can be used to find the way to the center of the field, as it is only within the central 10 miles that the sandstone protrutions are completely vitrified. Tall pillars resembling unusually tall termite mounds, decorate the landscape, making some areas look like a petrified forest.   The glass reflect the sun during the day, making the area particularly bright, and mirrors the blue skies above and the orange light from the center, making the area shine in an eerie outerworldly light. Anyone traversing the area would find it hard to describe just how beautiful it is, and not just because they are on the verge of a heatstroke.

The Center

Due to the extreme heat very few people have ever made it to the center of the field of glass and back again. But, the few that have, say that it's a constant inferno of heat and flame, erupting from a rift in the ground. These people also speak of creatures made of molten rock and flame come-alive, emerging from the rift, attacking those that dare to come near. Those that have gone here have no doubt in their mind, that it is in fact true that this rift is what fuels the desert.   Anyone that gets within 1 mile of the rift must make another DC15 CON save, or gain a level of exhaustion.

Natural Resources

The solid glass from the field are imbued with magical properties that, if treated properly, can be used as a substitute to spell components used in pyromancy. When treated this is known as Pyrovitra.   Very few know of the abilities of the glass, and even fewer knows of the process of refining the glass. But, the Scorchers, a tribe of semi-nomadic circle of wildfire druids, have made an art out of harvesting and refining the glass for use in their pyromantic rituals and spells.
Scorching heat. Anyone stupid enough to attempt to make their way through the Field of Glass must make a DC15 CON save every hour they spend within it or become exhausted. Wearing proper attire or being resistant to fire lowers the DC with 5, immunity to fire nullifies this effect. Any attempt at creating water with magic also requires a DC10 check using their spellcasting ability modifier.
Slippery glass. Walking on glass is difficult, especially if it is on a slope, therefore the entire area is difficult terrain.
Close to the source. The area is especially imbued in magic associated with fire. Therefore, any fire spells deal an extra damage die when cast.
Blinding light. During day time, the reflected light of the glass is so harsh that it becomes difficult to peer into the distance. Perception checks are made at disadvantage.
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Cover image: Field of Glass by HelenaHuman


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Sage RandoScorpio
4 Aug, 2022 01:05

What a surprising piece of geography!! I love the idea of a glittering expanse that's so hot it turns the desert to glass! I wonder if any animals call this place home? How would they use the glass? Could they be made from living glass?   Very cool to include the mechanics of the area as well!!

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10 Aug, 2022 11:51

Thank you so much for the questions, they'll definitely help me flesh out the area! I didn't get to write as much on the article as I wanted, but I would like to add some creatures related to the plane of fire, as well animals transformed by the proximity to the source, at some point!