Cairne The Syllandhya Make Contact With the Gauldowhynna

The Syllandhya Make Contact With the Gauldowhynna

Cultural event


Though separated by the realms beyond the borders of the world, the meeting of these two lines of elves is cause for great celebration. The Queen and her entourage attending the festivities in person to meet and mingle with the ambassadors of the Syllandhya.

The Gauldowhynna were beyond excited by the arrival of their offworld cousins, and thus began a celebration of the two cultures coming together in what both imagined would be a mutually beneficial and lasting bond of cooperation and growth. The air was thick with the songs of both people as magnificent voices lifted songs to the sky and the finest of wines ran freely. Through the night they danced and sang, spoke and shared, and most of all, planned for a new future that would elevate the Gauldowhynna to the stars and beyond.

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