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The University of Arcane Arts

Prior to the Blight this was the most prestigious academy for the study of the arcane arts in the world, and in its own right held enough political influence that the masters of the University were called upon in an advisory role often in matters of state.  Sadly, it was due to this level of trust that the conspirator Xendal Vedakrhi was able to assert his influence in the planning and execution of the ill-fated attempt by Sovereign Daimus III to subjugate the Seanachaisian Empire by use of magic the scope and breadth of which had never before been imagined, leading to the calling down of the Blight and the near destruction of the world.   Now, not much more than a large pile of rubble where the once stately and imposing halls and dormitories once stood, the memory of the edifice remains as a reminder of the fallacy of meddling with arcane power and the dangers of allowing those powers to exist unregulated as they were.

Purpose / Function

The initial purpose of the University was to find those with exceptional natural talent and to shape and direct it in such a way that they might go on to be an asset to the Empire and its allies. According to history, some of the greatest arcane masters of all time, from all the cultures of Cairne came from the hallowed halls of this edifice which boasted an unrivalled library and collection of artifacts and relics that were said to have dated back to the dawn of civilization and some even rumored to have come from the unknown times beyond even that.    While the libraries, exhibition halls, and vaults were cleared out and destroyed long ago, many items said to have been catalogued and stored here vanished during the confusion of the War of Huan Attrition, likely due to looters and factions lacking the scruples that would demand caution against using such dangerous items. Several of the missing items have turned up in the many years following thanks to insightful intelligence work and successful raids by the Wraith Guard, but there remain so many more at large, still lost in the Wastes and potentially being circulated in the black market trade of arcane goods facilitated by the nefarious The Hall of Fireflies .


The core structure was demolished and burned during the War of Human Attrition, leaving little more than a skeletal frame of crumbling stone and rubble. The majority of the underground facilities collapsed during the destruction as well, leaving a labyrinthine and dangerously unstable foundation beneath the remaining ruin that claims a number of lives every year of novice, would be Arcanists who attempt to navigate the destruction in hopes of uncovering lost contraband.


Prior to its destruction, the sprawling complex was a wonder of art and design, meshing several styles and motifs into an eclectic wash of cultural national themes. The overall effect was one that kept the eye wandering, and constantly seeing new things every time one might wander through the grounds. Despite the slight chaos of the structural decorum, the layout was efficient and well thought out, lending itself to the purpose it was built in a very practical manner, allowing students and staff alike to be able to move through the university with minimal effort and very little wasted time.


In the early days of the Becht rise to power, the University was established as a means by which the resources of people could be trained and put to use for the purpose of the Empire itself, as well as to further encourage the unification of the Becht Nation with that of the other cultures of Cairne, offering them a means by which they might not only train their aspiring arcane aspirants, by a way to share knowledge and to benefit all by doing so. While there was some hesitation with this mission at first, slowly but surely due to the proof of concept offered by the first round of graduates showing as strong and capable practitioners upon their graduation, but also by the new and innovative ways they were able to utilize these skills in manners not seen prior to their training at the school. This was more than enough to intrigue the leaders of most other nations who, in turn, began to send students there to study under the quickly growing collection of masters and alumnii.
4 PR
Founding Date
2nd of Cortus, 271 AR
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