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The Hall of Fireflies

The black market of forbidden knowledge, the Hall of Fireflies is a persistent network of illegal purveyors of spell craft and research. By following the hidden signs and knowing the right code words, usually some inert incantation or in some cases an actual show of ability, the practitioner may gain access to one of the auction sites. These locations change constantly and are heavily warded and guarded. The security of the auctions is something that is held sacred by the initiated, as a violation of the rules is rewarded with the offender being blacklisted. This has ended many budding careers of many careless Arcanists. It is not only the Arcanists that attend these shadowy events, but explorers and traders who specialize in such things as well. They often carry other arcane items, such as enchanted items and trinkets which sell for astronomical prices due to the rarity of such things in the world. While enchanted items are not banned, it is still frowned upon to use them openly, and they are often confiscated and destroyed in the name of public safety. This level of potential danger has created a niche market in the underground for not only arcane writings and items, but also news, rumors, historical documents, and maps. The auction has become one of the greatest central points of information on all things esoteric. These goods are moved from location to location by spell smugglers and goods traffickers, and in many of the larger cities, there are caches stored in underground vaults under heavy guard by up and coming Arcanist collectors and would-be crime lords eager to monopolize on this lucrative market.

Purpose / Function

The Hall of Fireflies is a strange anomaly. It moves constantly, and while no one person seems to be in charge of it, it remains well organized and one of the best kept and most secure secrets on the planet. From here, all manner of arcane knowledge and wares are bought, sold, and traded freely. Arcanists, lore seekers, scholars, and treasure hunters all ply their wares here, but no one gets in without an invitation, and what's more, no one ever knows where it will appear next without one either. While the anti magic forces are well aware of its existence, the arcane methods used to shield it and keep its location a secret are remarkably advanced.
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