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The Stonebridge Fusiliers

At the forefront of the Hiversteadian martial might stands the Stonebridge Fusiliers, the indomitable vanguard of Hiversteadian defense. Trained with meticulous precision and honed to perfection in the crucible of battle, these formidable warriors stand as the bulwark against the encroaching shadows of chaos. Armed with musket, pistol, and a mastery of close-quarter combat, they form the formidable backbone of the Hiversteadian military, a force to be reckoned with, feared by foes and revered by allies alike.



The Stonebridge Fusiliers number exactly 20,000 strong. These numbers are maintained and set to not reach above or below at any time, with veteran members often rotated into different, specialized branches.


  • Musket: The cornerstone of their arsenal, the musket serves as the primary ranged weapon for the Stonebridge Fusiliers. These muzzle-loaded firearms deliver devastating volleys of leaden death upon the enemy ranks, capable of piercing armor and decimating infantry formations with disciplined precision.
  • Pistol: Complementing their muskets, each Fusilier is armed with a trusty pistol, providing a compact yet potent sidearm for close-quarters engagements. Whether storming enemy fortifications or engaging in brutal melee skirmishes, the pistol serves as a versatile tool for delivering decisive firepower at point-blank range.
  • Melee Weapons: In addition to their firearms, the Fusiliers are adept in the art of close-quarter combat, wielding an assortment of melee weapons to dispatch foes in brutal hand-to-hand encounters. From sturdy broadswords and versatile sabers to lethal pikes and halberds, each warrior is trained to excel in the chaos of melee combat, ensuring their effectiveness in all situations.
  • Armor: Protection is paramount on the battlefield, and the Stonebridge Fusiliers are outfitted with sturdy yet maneuverable armor to shield them from harm. Their gear encompasses a blend of chainmail, plate, and leather, and thick furs, providing a balance of protection and mobility essential for surviving the rigors of warfare while maintaining agility on the battlefield.
  • Utility Gear: Beyond their weapons and armor, the Fusiliers carry an assortment of utility gear to aid them in their duties. This includes ammunition pouches, bandoliers, and cartridge boxes to ensure a steady supply of ammunition during prolonged engagements. Additionally, they may carry tools for maintenance and repair of their firearms, as well as provisions for sustenance during campaigns in hostile territories.
  • Standardized Kit: Each Fusilier is equipped with a standardized kit containing essential supplies such as rations, water canteens, a bedroll, and basic medical supplies. This ensures their readiness for extended deployments in the field and allows them to sustain themselves in harsh environments far from the safety of their fortress city.


  • Musket: The primary ranged weapon of the Stonebridge Fusiliers, the musket is a muzzle-loaded firearm capable of delivering powerful volleys of lead projectiles at medium to long range. These weapons are essential for engaging enemy forces from a distance and are effective against both infantry and armored targets.
  • Pistol: Complementing their muskets, each Fusilier carries a pistol as a sidearm for close-quarters combat. These compact firearms provide a quick and deadly option for engaging enemies at short range, whether in urban environments or during melee skirmishes.
  • Melee Weapons: In addition to firearms, the Fusiliers are proficient in the use of various melee weapons for close combat engagements. These may include swords, sabers, axes, halberds, and pikes, providing versatility in their ability to adapt to different combat scenarios and enemy tactics.
  • Bayonet: Many of the Fusiliers' muskets are equipped with bayonets, which can be affixed to the muzzle to transform the firearm into a makeshift spear for melee combat. Bayonets are crucial for maintaining a defensive line and repelling enemy infantry charges with lethal efficiency.
  • Grenades: In certain situations, Fusiliers may carry grenades or other explosive devices to supplement their firepower and create tactical advantages on the battlefield. These explosives can be used to clear enemy positions, disrupt formations, or breach fortified defenses with devastating force.
  • Specialized Equipment: Depending on the mission requirements, Fusiliers may have access to specialized equipment such as sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, or rocket launchers. These weapons provide additional firepower and tactical flexibility in specific combat situations, allowing the Fusiliers to adapt to changing battlefield conditions with precision and lethality.
  • Support Weapons: In coordinated operations, the Fusiliers may be supported by artillery, mortars, or other heavy weapons operated by specialized crews. These weapons provide fire support and suppressive fire to enhance the Fusiliers' effectiveness in combat, allowing them to dominate the battlefield with overwhelming firepower.


  • Commanding Officer (CO):At the helm of the Stonebridge Fusiliers is the Commanding Officer, a senior military leader responsible for overall command and strategic direction of the unit. The CO possesses extensive combat experience, tactical acumen, and leadership skills, guiding the Fusiliers with authority and decisiveness.
  • Executive Officer (XO):Assisting the CO is the Executive Officer, often referred to as the second-in-command. The XO acts as the CO's right hand, overseeing administrative duties, coordinating logistics, and providing operational support to ensure the smooth functioning of the unit both in and out of combat.
  • Company Commanders:The Stonebridge Fusiliers are organized into companies, each led by a Company Commander. These officers are responsible for the tactical deployment and operational effectiveness of their respective units, overseeing training, morale, and discipline among their soldiers.
  • Platoon Leaders:Within each company, multiple platoons are led by Platoon Leaders. These officers are tasked with executing the orders of the Company Commander, managing the combat readiness of their platoons, and leading them in battle with skill and valor.
  • Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs):Serving as the backbone of the Stonebridge Fusiliers are the Non-Commissioned Officers, including Sergeants, Corporals, and other enlisted ranks. These experienced soldiers provide essential leadership, mentorship, and guidance to their comrades, ensuring discipline, cohesion, and morale within the ranks.
  • Specialist Units:In addition to line infantry, the Stonebridge Fusiliers may incorporate specialized units such as scouts, snipers, engineers, and medics. These specialists possess unique skills and expertise essential for fulfilling specific roles on the battlefield, augmenting the unit's overall combat effectiveness.
  • Support Personnel:Behind the front lines, the Fusiliers are supported by a cadre of logistical and support personnel, including quartermasters, medics, engineers, and communication specialists. These individuals ensure that the unit remains supplied, equipped, and connected, facilitating sustained operations in the field.


The Fusiliers are well trained marksmen. The standard defense formation consists of three lines, each consisting of spaced troops approximately ten feet apart. The first line will assume a prone of kneeling position with muskets, the second line will stagger between them about teen feet back, alternating between shielding and reloading and firing with the third line that stands immediately behind them, creating a constant barrage of fire aimed at any oncoming invaders. The loose phalanx style is meant to be used in a defensive manner from atop the walls of Stonebridge, offering the cover of the stone ramparts as well. Should the walls be breached, small arms fire and melee weapons are head in reserve to repel borders.


Standard peacetime training consists of a four hour drill period per day. This consists of physical training, target shooting, and mental acuity drills.
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