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The Stonebridge Benevolent League

The Stonebridge Benevolent League is a testament to the oaths taken by their order put into full use. These brave souls are the first in and last out in all violent encounters, and to date have never failed their charges. Their rate of success and recovery is rivaled only by the Order in Armuun who primarily deal with peacetime practices. Their physicians have revolutionized battlefield medicine over the years, and the longer lifespans of the Hiversteadian practitioners only serves to prolong their research and the occasional brilliant researchers that fill their ranks.



The Stonebridge Benevolent League number approximately 1000 strong, ranging between active field medics, research and development, and internal health care providers.


Field Medics

  • Medical Kit
  • Hide Armor
  • Benevolent Overgarments (Signifying purpose)
  • Heavy Cloak
  • Rear Facing Shield
  • Pack
  • Smoke CannistersĀ 
  • Beacon Flares
  • Folding Field Stretcher


  • Non Lethal Melee Weapons of Choice
  • Chemical DeterrentsĀ 


The Stonebridge Benevolent League is both driven and focused. They maintain a hovering presence at the front line of any encounter. They are seldom combatants, instead utilizing chemical deterrents such as sleep gasses, choking clouds, concussive bombs, and concealing smoke. In the most desperate of times, they will employ a nonlethal melee weapon, though these tend to be a personalized choice. In rare occasions, one of the order will carry a pistol. Though the Order frowns upon the use of violence in this way, they will not hesitate to put themselves in harm's way to defend an injured comrade.


While all Hiversteadians are required the standardĀ peacetime training consisting of a four hour drill period per day, the Benevolents are also requred a further commitment of time to acedemic and practical study of their craft as well. These sciences are relatively new and always evolving, and as such it is paramount that the practicioner stay abridged of the latest and most practical knowledge and use of their skills.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
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