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The Shadow Cauldron

This large kettle drum is mounted on a stand with wheels in each corner. It is a massive instrument with a body made of hammered copper and a head of perfectly attuned skin. The instrument at one time had a simple enchantment on it that allowed for the sound it created to be amplified slightly so as to allow it to be heard at longer distances. Due to the time it has spent in residence at the edge of the Blighted lands, the energy there has twisted the effect slightly and when played in conjunction with a manipulation involving an Ohrwurm, the user can attempt to stun all within range, which is doubled because of the initial enchantment. The performer's standard DC applies to the stun attempt and if successful it lasts 1d8 rounds.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Current Location
Current Holder
200 lb
Base Price
10000 Sp

Cover image: shadow cauldron by Midjourney


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