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Sasha's Folly

The original location the Volrishtad fortified against the Blight. This is a small ramshackle on the extreme edge of the Blighted Lands. It comprises the deconstructed remains of the caravans that tried to outrun the destruction and the various homes and tents still stand and are maintained by a very small community of elder Volrishtad. It still serves as a central gathering point and recognized historic landmark, important to their heritage. The Grand Matriarch, Pvanista Einrikti and Grand Patriarch, Ikienita Bhnoshti who preside over the area are kind and welcoming to all their kin that come here seeking guidance and refuge. They have managed to keep up with a small crop of fungus for food and each are master songsmiths, being revered in the Volrishtad culture for the skill and talent they both still maintain even into old age as vocalists. Any Volrishtad who reaches a point where injury or infirmary keeps them from being able to keep up with the transient lifestyle of their tribe are brought here to live out the rest of their days in a place of welcome comfort and company. If there is any place the Volrishtad can call a capital, this would be it. Over the many years since the Blight, the settlement has grown significantly, becoming a self-sufficient and moderately thriving place for many to call home. During the gathering season, the borders swell and the village at the edge of the Void becomes a thriving and bustling town, vibrant and filled with life for the duration of the festival. Despite the gloomy location, the nature of the Volrishtad people, and the horrors their culture have endured, in private they are actually jovial and good natured people...unless threatened. Decades ago, a marauding group of Doom Riders attempted to sack the town, fifty seven riders in all, armed and vicious. They never made it to the center of the village, as the attending Grand Matriarch and Patriarch at the time used their considerable skill to perform a song that together, stopped the hearts of each one of the invaders one by one. Their bones are still barely visible at the edge of the Void, just beyond the boundaries of Sasha's Folly.


The Volrishtad are less a nation and more a tribal confederacy, with each tribe ruled by both a Matriarch and Patriarch that is chosen by a rite of rulership on the edge of the Void. There are currently seven families that roam the outlands and maintain free trade between both the other tribes and the Outland settlements. The tribes converge once a year on the site of the initial Volrishtad encampment on the Eastern edge of the Blighted Lands known as Sasha's Folly, for a tribal council gathering where matters that affect the entire race, the Outlands, and any crucial interactions with other races can be discussed. This week-long affair is where serious crimes are judged and the guilty punished, and also a matchmaking festival for youths of the various tribes to be given the chance to mingle and find a suitable spouse. The Volrishtad are doggedly proud of their individual tribe, but there is very little competition between them. At the end of the day, the Volrishtad hold allegiance to none but their nation and way of life. This had led to a strong degree of organization among the tribes, as each tribe maintains a loose school of tradition. Instead of a tribe being composed of a family line or ancestral common lineage, each tribe attracts those who wish to learn from their school. The schools are focused on many things, and all of them maintain a form of spiritual attachment to the energies of the Void. A Volrishtad education is a coveted one, but the luxury of living among them and learning their ways, is not an honor that the Volishtad easily bestows as they are an untrusting culture to begin with.

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