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The Mountain Brigade

One of the few and most elite groups of specialized soldiers within the Hiverstead Defense Force. These troops spend a large portion of their time ranging through the God's Teeth Mountains seeking out potential threats before they become a problem. They are trained hard and move swiftly on skis and snow shoes where needed. They are expert marksmen and deadly in melee combat as well. By far some of the most rugged and elite soldiers in the world.



The Mountain Brigade number fluctuate often, as the danger of their role is very high, and it is an unfortunate downfall of this very honored position within the Hiversteadian Defense Force that they suffer the most casualties in the field. Their unit tends to maintain between 700 and a thousand troops at any given time.


  • Skis
  • Ski Poles
  • Heavy White Hide Armor
  • Heavy White Fur Cloak
  • Internal Thin Fingerless Gloves
  • External Thick Gloves
  • Snow Shoes
  • Pack
  • Bedroll
  • Small Tent
  • Mess Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Powder Horn
  • Gun Maintenance Kit
  • Hand Held Scope
  • Signal Mirror


  • Scoped Musket
  • Two Pistols
  • Dagger
  • Saber
  • War Pick


Tactics are a hard topic to pin down with the Mountain Brigade, as a great deal of their effectiveness is due to their ability to think, move, and adapt which things are in motion. Their greatest strength lies in their mobility, as they are well trained in the ability to maintain accuracy while in motion, both with firearms and melee weaponry. They work in small units, but are not only prepared, but trained to be afield for weeks, if not months on end.


Standard peacetime training consists of a four hour drill period per day. This consists of physical training, target shooting, and mental acuity drills. As for these particular troops, the training carries on for extended lengths of time. Ski and marksmanship training carries on for years before they are even considered for the position. Each soldier thqat passes muster for the basics is also trained in some degree of first aid, arctic survival, and various signal based means of communication and camouflage.
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