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The Engineer Corps

The Engineer Corps are one of the most important divisions of the Hiverstead Defense Force. Not only do they fully operate and maintain all field construction, changes to the terrain, and facilitate the needs of the troops in the field, they also maintain and expand upon the existing infrastructure in Stonebrige and Blightcap respectively. These well trained engineers contain a mixture of Hiversteadian, Culvarkt, and in some cases, retired Fouvienian soldiers. The inhospitable climate and rocky, uneven terrain of the foothills can make logistic needs a challenge, but these stalwart specialists continue to prove to be innovative and efficient.



The Engineer Corps maintain a fairly constant number of approximately 3000 engineers and laborers.


Equipment is very seldom standardized, but more often a reflection of the job at hand, location of the work, and the degree of specialization and skill of the individual and team.


  • Pistol
  • Melee Weapon of Personal Choice


Training with the Engineer Corps, while containing the usual four hour a day drill regiment, goes further into the various skill and sciences needed to remain competent and  reliable in the various situations that these support specialists find themselves in often. Seeing as the racial make up is fairly diverse in terms of the other units, there are a lot of variable styles and resources available to them.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by


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