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The Court of the Shadowgrove

Despite her abject hatred for all the varied species of Cairne, Caoimhe Iníon Mab maintains a very active connection with the outside world, though largely this is to feed her mad desires to inflict pain upon the unsuspecting denizens of the world outside of her domain. Her drives and motivations can be as varies and chaotic as any force of nature tends to, but always she maintains that the power she gains from the suffering she causes will one day open the door to the Court's return to the domain beyond the veil. The most potent form of this is to find a worthy host for the power of the Court, dominion over the flora of Cairne, and to drive them to persist in spreading her disassociated and vile wants upon the unsuspecting world outside from the safety of the dark wood copses of the The Shadowgrove. From her seat of power she remains nearly untouchable, as the land itself bends to the will of the Court, and noe make enter that domain without her wishing it so.    With the fickle and transient nature of the remaining Fey that make up the Court, it has become very much a degree of sport to set an individual loose upon the world with the boon of the Queen and then lay odds upon what they will or will not do...and then attempt to manipulate the individual artist into doing just that. Often the artist that has accepted this pact will find themselves in the middle of many a competition, as various entities vye for the artist to do their bidding for the sake of their winning whatever new gamble they have decided to place around them. Even before the Blight, the Fey were well known to be masterful innovators in the realms of schadenfreude and deceit, taking a great deal of pleasure in driving the world of mortal through their own secredted plots and schemes, and the Shadowcourt is no different save for the levels of malice and outright destructive fallout now caused by their games and pacts.


While the Queen rules the Court, the Fey themselves function almost entirely autonomously throughout the Shadowgrove, working their individual schemes and following all manner of flights of fancy. Though they honor the Queen and there are few that would dare to stand in opposition to her, there is no love between the Court of the denizens of the grove. They often scheme and fight against one another within the shadowed borders, though one of the few standing laws put forth by the Queen demands no Fae shall raise a hand against another, there are many ways around this edict.


Much of the old ways have been lost over the years of isolation from their home and kin, but come things remain. The love of beauty, art, and music, as well as a gentle care for the lands that make up their domain are the cornerstones of the isolated culture that remains here.


The wood that eventually became the Shadowgrove, was long before that the edge of an Elven territory, and it was at the edge of this settlement that Caoimhe Iníon Mab found her own solace following her self exile from the Isle of Seanachai. Here, she was free to pursue her goals and craft her accursed wares in relative peace, the Elves being aloof and similar enough to not pay her much mind on the rare occasions they did see her. It was only when the Blight fell that things really changed. The shaking of the world and the sense of being completely closed off from the comain she so desired to rejoin nearly broke her mind entirely, adn the slow, steeping taint that washed over the world following it, only sought to push her fragile mind even further. As refugees found their way to her, drawn by some mysterious force, she took advantage of the opportunity and offered leadership to the small horde of broken and lost creatures, motivating them and granting them a renewed purpose under her leadership.
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