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Potion of Grá Ceangailteach

This potion is a one of a kind, and contain enough liquid in it for three uses. Each sip grants the imbiber with a huge boost to confidence, persuasiveness, appeal and charisma to all of those around them, so much so that they become pliable to any suggestions made by the imbiber. The effects of this enchantment last for up to an hour, allowing the person under the effects to use the ability to great effect.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

While the base concoction is a blend of several herbal distillates with aphrodisiacal qualities, the only real and enchanted part of it is a sampling of the half Fey's own blood, the Fey nature of the substance, even diluted, holding tremendous power. Imbibing this potion will create an aura of desirability around the user, granting them significant advantages in any social situation in which they attempt to make themselves amenable to another or group of people.   The negative side to this is that, once the effect wears off, any who have come under its influence will come out of it knowing beyond any doubt that they have been manipulated...and by whom.

Manufacturing process

The incantation spoken over the potion as it was distilled:   “A Óengus Mac Óg, lúb síos a dhia milis órga agus tabhair ar iasacht Ach póg amháin ar mo shaothar, sin mise ar ball Bí i do cholm casta de chuimhne shiúcra. Tú an mhaintlín órga, Mac an Dagda An Fear Dearg Armtha Oidhre na Cúirte Geimhridh. Seol draíocht do chruit agus amhrán Meascadh le focail na ndaoine a ólann an tart seo.   Balor na súl nimhe, Sa philtre seo casadh mé d'ainm agus d'spiorad. Taraigí caos, tar mailís, tar eagla agus corraí Ná bíodh aon duine slán ó do dhearcadh. Líon cluasa agus intinn na ndaoine a fhulaingíonn an potion seo Le hainm na ndaoine a d'ionghabháil é Agus lig a n-rage sreabhadh gan laghdú Líon a gcroíthe le fearg Agus go dtuga an t-óltóir smál mo bhréige Taint na daonnachta go deo Go bhfaighidh mé mo bhealach go fóill abhaile.”


One of the cursed items created by Caoimhe Iníon Mab in her drive to cause as much calamity and suffering in the world as possible. This alchemical concoction was the result of a chance encounter had with a wandering musician who pined after a woman who would offer him no respite from the pains of unrequited affection. Her devious offer to brew an elixir that would make him more desirable than any other in the room was met with all to eager abandon, and the half breed set to work immediately, crafting this potion as a gift to him.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
Creation Date
1567 AR
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
Several herbs were used in the making of this potion including gingko biloba, fenugreek, saffron, and cocoa beans, but the catalyst beyond intention is a large dose of the half Fey's blood.

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