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Shadows of Betrayal

155 PR appears to have been a pivotal year for Airtam according to her writings, as the events she was involved in took continually darker and darker turns, leading her not only into situations of great personal danger, but leading her to witness travesties and horrors that she could no longer stand for. The blow incident, while not signed or graced by any plain signatory, is believed to be from the desk of Nonpareil Geraldine Fulton, and implies a second, unnamed conspirator was involved in the matters detailed in the journal entries that followed.    
I present this report detailing the apprehension and incarceration of two Volrishtad from the Ven Thuul tribe by a patrol of Wraith Guard agents, with a third individual still at large having escaped while the arresting agents were distracted. Our team caught them not far from the gates of the Palace of Glass in the city of Armuun, claiming to be there by invitation of none other than Headmaster Morenthall herself. While the Headmaster has been known to frequently indulge in strange company, I cannot imagine that even someone with her propensity for indiscretion would be so foolish as to let any of those people even remotely close to the very heart of the Empire itself. It took ample coercion to extract any information from them, but I have little doubt that these obvious thieves and purveyors of illegal arcane knowledge were plotting to infiltrate the Palace to steal from the Empire, or potentially worse, to cause harm to the Sovereign or perhaps members of the Order. It was lucky my men are as vigilant as they are. If it turns out Headmaster Morenthall was indeed involved in this, then I will have no alternative but to arrest her for treason and conspiracy, something I should have done some time ago.   As an aside, I see this as a golden opportunity to finally study the Volrishtad in a clinical environment and understand how they manipulate shadows in the way they do. If we can figure out how their ability works, perhaps it could be replicated and put to use by the Bureau. Imagine our elite guards able to move though shadows and create weapons as needed out of thin air. What better way to combat the encroaching threat of these insolent arcanists? Besides, if our efforts do not bear fruit, well, two less criminals wandering around the Empire is not something I would shed a tear over.     My interactions with the Volrishtad have been nothing but frustrating in the past. They are a secretive people, and their knowledge of the arcane is impressive to say the least, at least according to the reports I have seen thus far, making them damn near public enemy number one as far as I am concerned. I suspect that the two Volrishtad we have apprehended are working for the Crows as the intelligence I have looked over regarding their people has revealed a great many very old connections between them and the Seanachaisians, and their capture could be a key to uncovering a dangerous plot against the Empire. My team will interrogate them further, and I have no qualms about using any means necessary to extract the information we need. These "mutant freaks" have long been a thorn in our side, and it's time we take a firmer approach.     It's not just their knowledge of the arcane that's concerning, the Volrishtad are a people with a dark history, and their appearance alone is enough to make one uneasy. Their unnaturally pale skin, black eyes, and ability to manipulate shadows have given rise to stories of fell pacts and malicious spirits, but make no mistake; they are not supernatural beings. They are people, just like you and me, but they possess abilities that make them a threat to the public good and enduring reign of the Empire, even if I am one of the only people that realizes this, and of course you as well. .         Addendum: After careful consideration and consultation with my team, I have decided to move the two Volrishtad prisoners to the laboratory and holding facility at the Maliciean Scientific Commune. There they will be handed off to Doctor Thomas Einstrahum, with express instruction that this situation be handled with the utmost care and discretion. Given the sensitive nature of our research, I do not want a public incident to occur should word get out, and Doctor Einstrahum is well versed in handling such delicate situations. I trust him to keep our operation confidential. The Commune will provide us with the ideal environment to study the Volrishtad in a controlled setting, and we will be able to observe their abilities without any interference from external factors, and far enough away from the prying ears and eyes of the Crows to avoid rousing them as to my intentions. I have full faith in Doctor Einstrahum's abilities, and I believe he will be able to unlock the secrets of the Volrishtad's abilities. This could prove to be a significant advantage for the Empire, and I will spare no expense in ensuring our success.


A desperate attempt to circumvent a tragedy that she felt personally attached to and responsible for, Airtam documented her efforts to find and save a pair of Volrishtad that had come to see her, and in turn had been arrested and taken instead to be subjected to experimentation.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find, though there have been several  attempts by Becht agents to gather and destroy as many copies of this particular document as possible.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

This document was met with outrage from all sides, within Becht society and from other nations as well. The Sovereign, in an attempt to repair relations with the nomadic Volrishtad sent several envoys and negotiators to the leaders of the Volrishtad people that they could find, but in almost all cases they either came back empty handed, or in several cases, not at all. Those disappearances were not pursued.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
23rd through the 25th of Cortus 155 PR


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