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Project: Mockingbird

Nearly consumed by curiosity surrounding the enigmatic events that changed her life forever in the wastes of the former Gaul Do Shah empire, Airtam carried with her a consuming passion bordering dangerously on obsession concerning the Somnambulists and the prophecy segments they carry. She used substantial resources and manpower that had been made available to her to track and study the phenomenon, though as the years passed many of her peers began to see the fascination as something darker and far more potentially damaging to both Airtam and Empire at large with this concern manifesting as, in winter of the year 143 PR, she located and managed to capture one leading her into a chain of events that inadvertently changed the course of history. Below is the letter of the attending Wraith Guard agent sent to collect the Somnambulist from where she was spotted wandering along the borders of Twilight Downs. Following writing the letter the Agent took his own life. His remains were found in a safehouse where the Somnambulist was contained, every member of the team deceased by their own hands in what appeared to be an unnerving display of madness or perhaps arcane manipulation. The entire event was covered up and the the letter delivered with the Officer's name redacted from the records, and all data on he and his team remains in obscurity either due to being lost or destroyed. None of their identities were ever recovered.      
7th of Frigus, 143 PR   Headmaster Morenthall,   I understand your pursuant nature of the creature you refer to as a "Somnambulist" has a substantial weight in terms of your ongoing research into understanding that potentially locating slivers of divinity left behind in the absence of the gods, but the lengths myself and my unit had to go to in order to capture her was a cost that was too high for me to bear. Hope is very much subjective, and yours has severed the artery of my own, and I in turn now hemorrhage what good and light remained yet in me. I took an oath madam, one that I upheld through all my time and service, and one that I very much believed in, until now. The Code of Apotheosis is but ash on my tongue, my initiates are dead, my second hung herself last night, and now I stand poised on the edge of despair so deep that I can see nothing by the chilling night eternal in the reflection of my own eyes. I am hollow, and within the shell that writes this to you now stands only a mote of dust upon which is written the fading history of my soon to be forgotten name. We are cursed, Headmaster Morenthall. Drained not of life or power, or will of spirit, no...we are drained of hope in such a way that the vacuum it left behind now devours the glow of all those I dare to tell my tale to, though that number remains thankfully low. I take no comfort in the lack of numbers however, as the ones your blasted obsession cost me far outweigh the measure and value of any others I see. My family was supposed to be sacred, Airtam, untouchable. I am a high ranking member of the guard, and a Bechlarite society member. I had a life and a future, Airtam. I had a family and a legacy to go on and carry my name forth...but no longer. For the remainder of us, nothing.   I spit my malevolent discontent at your feet as I even now draw the blade and open my life to the foul air of this forsaken world. I hope you suffer Headmaster. I hope you all do, and I hope if Goyne returns that he forgets your name too. Enjoy your prize as I enjoy mine, for I go now to meet the cold earth with eyes closed and a shattered spirit. Damn you Airtam Morenthall. Damn you eternally.


This is the account of the discovery, capture, and study of one of the strange Somnabulists like the one Airtam herself encountered after her expedition into the lands of the Gaul Do Shah met with its tragic end.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Those the Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau tried very hard to keep this report from being disseminated, the supposed efforts of the Crows were doubled down on this particular subject, believed to have been pushed harder than the others due to the personal and cultural nature of the contents to Sighnai and her people.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

This particular document's release caused a significant stir among the Seanachaisian populace and well as their supported throughout not only the Becht Empire, but abroad as well, once again turning an especially negative light upon the Becht Intelligence network and leadership, though many claim that there were several alterations made to the leaked document and even more that suspect that Airtam herself was working independently of political oversight, and abusing her reach and granted resources to do so without the Sovereign's blessing or the Order of Objective Representation's knowledge.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
12th of Frigus 143 PR thru 57th of Frigus 143 PR


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