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Of Retribution and Atonement

After a year back within the hallowed halls of her University, Airtam, following an exhausting effort of remaining in the media and public eye as much as possible received a letter from a dear friend and colleague at the Malicean Scientific Commune concerning a young prodigy emerging from their ranks. While this friend had no way of knowing the history that Airtam and the girl's father shared, Airtam could not help but admire the fervor and described potential that seemed to have lit him up with a wave of inspiration, and she was content to even consider receiving the girl, beginning the necessary processes to prepare for enrollment, that is until a second letter arrived with a much more dire tone. Curiosity piqued and concerned for her friend, Airtam once again sets out to the Commune to investigate.      
16th of Vigor, 158 PR   My esteemed colleague Airtam,   May my words find you in the best of health and spirits. I write to you today to share my deep admiration for a young woman of extraordinary intellect and accomplishments, by the name of Mauve Einstrahum, daughter of none other than the esteemed Thomas Einstrahum. Her achievements at the Malicean Scientific Commune have been nothing short of astounding, and I am honored to offer my praise and endorsement of her exceptional abilities to you as Headmaster of the University of the Lighted Way. I am aware that your field research has kept you abroad for some time now, and that, while certainly busy with the matters of securing a rich and vibrant future for the Empire through the minds you touch, I cannot picture you allowing such talent to go without being properly added to the annals of academic prestige that create such a marvelous pedigree for your institution.   Mauve's aptitude for the sciences is unparalleled, and her mastery of complex scientific concepts is a sight to behold. Her expertise is matched only by her unwavering commitment to experimentation and discovery, which is fueled by a passion and enthusiasm for science that is truly contagious. It is a rare pleasure to witness such exceptional talent and drive in one so young. Her contributions to the field of science have already made a significant impact here at the commune, and I have no doubt that her continued pursuit of knowledge will result in even greater breakthroughs under your tutelage. Consider this my petition to have her vetted and pulled out of this abysmal facility to be able to fully come into her own among peers and the wonder that is our great capital city. I will sponsor her if need be, and of course, should the matter of cost be raised concerning her room and board while there, I will happily supplement those expenses as well.   It is my sincere hope that you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Mauve on future scientific endeavors as I am told she is actually quite enamored with the legends that follow you and seeks to make a similar impact upon the landscape of innovation and discovery. Her remarkable intellect and tireless work ethic make her an invaluable asset to any team, and I am certain that she would be a valuable addition to any project in which she is involved.   We have been colleagues for many years, and friends even longer my dear, and I do hope none of this seems presumptuous of either. I would not bring her forward without the merit required to irrefutably prove my claims, and I hope that this letter finds you inspired to pursue scientific endeavors with renewed passion and enthusiasm, just as seeing the next generation rising so passionately to surpass our own achievements has inspired me.   Respectfully yours,   Professor Rupert Huntington
55th of Vigor, 158 PR   My esteemed Airtam, It is with great reluctance that I am compelled to write to you once more, this time with a heavy heart and grave concern for the safety of those around me. As you may recall from my previous letter, I extolled the remarkable intellect and achievements of a young prodigy by the name of Mauve Einstrahum, however, in the intervening weeks since my missive, a most troubling development has arisen. It seems that Mauve possesses an uncanny ability to influence those around her, a power that has grown to disturbing proportions. Individuals have become unconditionally obedient to her every whim, even at great personal peril or detriment to others.   This unnatural force has cast a dark and sinister cloud over the entire Commune, causing strife and conflict that threaten the well-being of all those in residence. I fear for my own safety and that of my colleagues, and am left with a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Furthermore, the father of the young prodigy seems absent and unaware, eschewing the responsibilities of his position in favor of seclusion and isolation. I do not know what course of action to pursue, or where to turn for guidance in this moment of crisis.   Thus, I am reaching out to you in the hope that you may be able to offer insight or counsel on this most pressing matter. I implore you to consider the gravity of the situation, and to offer any advice or assistance that you may be able to provide. It is my fervent hope that this matter may be resolved with minimal upheaval, and that the Bureau will not need to intervene. I hope fervently that Mauve has not become embroiled in any unsavory or heinous practices, such as the dark arts or other forms of nefarious sorcery.   With great respect and admiration,   Professor Rupert Huntington


As events surrounding Airtam began to grow more and more dire, she doubled down in her attempts to not only protect the people and principals she held dear, but to work out a plan by which she might ensure such things never happen again. By documenting the true events of the Malecian Scientific Commune, she had hoped to expose the horrors visited there previously as well as potentially secure her own safety in the process.

Document Structure

Publication Status

As part of the leaked Morenthall publications following her death, these writings are generally easy to find, though there have been several attempts by agents of the Bechtlarite Intelligence Agency to gather and destroy as many copies of this particular document as possible.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The public were shocked by the contents of this entry, and the scientific community lit up with both wonder and consternation surrounding the events and actions of the new Chief Science Officer, Thomas Einstrahum.
Leaked Original
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
58th of Vigor to the 2nd of Senectus 159 PR


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