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This class uses skill craft to manipulate the hearts and minds of those around them. Through the subtle energies that permeate the world at large, the musician can weave together songs and instrumentation that bend empathy and can, at more advanced levels, even change the hearts and minds of people. There is a magic to this which sets it aside from a standard player, but it is invisible and indistinguishable to all but the most well trained spectator, allowing the musical adept to work within the confines of a very anti-magic socio-political structure.



While it of course takes tremendous levels of charisma to hold the attentions of a throng of people, a musician is adept at many aspects of conditioning. They must have the dexterity to manipulate the instruments and the constitution to maintain their performances under duress.



The Musician fills out many roles over the course of their career. They inspire, support, embolden and even fight. They are the news bearers and lore keepers, and uphold a longstanding tradition once sought after the world over by the Seanachaisian forebears that initially crafted the art that these minstrels now carry on.

Social Status

In most places, a musician is always a welcome guest.


A mundane musician is not an uncommon thing, music being popular and needed among every culture, but the Musicians that have learned the mysteries of their craft and are able to pull from the ancient ways are rare. This is an art that has been lost, largely in part, and is generally only taught from one Musician to another.


Before the Blight, the Seanachaisians were masters of this art form, and used it liberally to great effect. The changes in the world and its people, as well as the loss of so many of the Seanachaisians themselves has led to there being very few left that have mastered the old ways. Thanks to the oral tradition of survivors, the recovery of lost records, there remain those that continue the tradition, evolving it to fit into this new world and strange times.



A musician's instruments are their bread and butter, no matter the focus they choose. These items must be maintained and kept up with, strings, new heads, repaired valves and replaced reeds will be common materials needed to stay active in this profession.


Some musicians, depending on their culture and nature, may maintain a studio or even a conservatory. Music does offer a means of survival in the world and a way to obtain an income. Those versed in the secrets of the old ways, however, generally keep their secret guarded, utilizing their mundane skills as a means to cover their true nature.

Provided Services

A musician is a well rounded master of a technical skill. They are able to play multiple instruments and usually, several styles of music as well. They are often hired by various houses, orders, and sects to provide entertainment and in the outlands, they travel from place to place offering relief from the day to day horrors of life on the fringe, as well as providing crucial news of the goings on.

Dangers & Hazards

Discovery of the Musician's true nature and ability can lead to anything ranging from suspicion to outright aggression, depending on the location and people. There is always the threat of being discovered, or worse yet, being accused of wielding arcane power.
Alternative Names
Performer, composer, songsmith, entertainer, mummer, bard
Most peoples of Cairne view the Musician as a luxury, but one of very high esteem and value.
Musicians are entirely legal, though if one is ever seen to manipulate people using their skill, it would not be a far stretch for them to be accused of using arcane elements in thier work.
Famous in the Field

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