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Amarshael "Shah's Mercy"

Forged from the essence of celestial radiance, the shimmering glaive known as "Amarshael" embodies the divine mercy of the goddess Shah. This sacred weapon manifests in the user's hand with a celestial glow when called into being, its ethereal blade pulsating with the purest light imaginable. Adorned with ancient elven glyphs that resonate with the divine power of Shah, Amarshael exudes an aura of benevolence and righteousness that inspires all who behold it, however, the true potency of Amarshael is only unleashed for those bearing the ritual tattoos shared by all the Champions, a gift bestowed by Shah at their elevation. These sacred marks serve as conduits for the glaive's divine energy, enabling its wielder to tap into its augmented power. Enhanced by Shah's blessings, Amarshael imbues its wielder with heightened strength, agility, and clarity of mind, elevating them to their full potential as champions of mercy and justice.   In the absence of the goddess's power, the wielder of Amarshael will draw upon alternative sources of power, such as the Pact Lords of Cairne. These enigmatic beings hold dominion over various aspects of existence, each offering their own boons to those who seek their favor. Depending on which Pact Lord's influence is closest and most readily available, Amarshael's power may be supplemented by these otherworldly forces, however, unlike the divine blessings of Shah, the wielder has no real control over which Pact Lord's power they may draw upon. The choice is determined by the circumstances and the proximity of the Pact Lords' domains. This lack of control introduces an element of unpredictability, as the wielder may find themselves wielding newfound abilities or facing unexpected challenges depending on the source of the power.¬†Furthermore, there is a risk involved in tapping into the power of the Pact Lords. These ancient beings are not bound by mortal laws or conventions, and they may become aware of any attempts to siphon their power. Should a Pact Lord sense that someone is attempting to wield their power without permission, they may take notice of the wielder and turn their attention towards them. This could lead to unforeseen consequences, as the Pact Lords are beings of immense power and influence, capable of reshaping reality itself to suit their whims.


Amarshael stands as a symbol of compassion and righteousness, a divine instrument of mercy in the hands of those who fight for justice. Guided by its celestial light, champions wielding Amarshael embark on a quest to vanquish evil and bring peace to the land, their resolve unwavering as they serve as beacons of Shah's mercy in a world in need of redemption.
Creation Date
300 AR
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