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Safrin (Saff-Rin)

Safrin is extremely vain, fickle, and manipulative. For those she favours, she will bring the stars down for them. Those who cross her? She will do everything she can to destroy them and what they have worked for.  

Origins and History

Created by Vi, Safrin has always been a goddess who delighted in chaos and gossip. There is nothing she wouldn't and hasn't done in her rise to claim the most followers for herselves. From bribery, "imacculate conception", to demanding full-scale sacrificial cults, what Safrin wants, she usually ends up getting.





Seren, Kamaria  


Maeve, Jack, Aurelia(?), Deimos (?), Amalia  



Divine Origins

Created by Vi


Safrin likes her followers to pledge their love to her. She appreciates fealty and demands adoration.   Many bring her star-shaped items, mirrors and precious gems, or flowers (typically white, or ones which grow only at night). Unlike other heralds, she doesn't demand that her followers bring her anything, however vain and fickle as she is, this should not be overlooked.

Granted Divine Powers

Anything cosmological or aesthetics related. All of Safrin's demigods have magic that centres around controlling stars (shooting them, exploding them), or bending space/time.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Wanting to be beloved by all, Safrin is not above doing favours for those who hold ruling positions in return for statues and shrines erected in her name.
Religious, Divine Host
Parent Organization