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Demi Gods are either the offspring of the gods, or are their chosen ones. OOC, a Demi God costs 2500MP if they are naturally occuring, or 3500 for a character-turned-demi-god IC. You may only ever have one of each. IC, a Demi God which is born usually requires a mortal woman to carry the child to term (at least 2 months OOC). Demi Gods age incredibly quickly (so you won't have to play a child for long!). However based on which god your character is an off-spring of, there might be ways around this. We offer both as options given you might want a character IC to be your parent (and thus have that relationship to play off of) or you might want to forgo that for a more unique start to life (being amalgamated from bones, growing from a flower, falling from the sky, etc). These options should be discussed with an admin prior to creation. Characters who are chosen by the gods can immediately change to the Demi God class. However, this requires prior IC interaction which would justify the change. (NOTE: this can be extremely difficult). Demi Gods possess boosted stats and may have unique or hybrid traits and feats, specially chosen based on your character's history or future goals. (Talk to an admin about this when you're close). Each Demi God will have a chosen 'path' or a unique aspect that they specialize in. At levels 0, 1, 5, and 10, you will receive a unique Demi God upgrade that will relate to this path/aspect of your character. You will also receive feats ("re-roll one dice roll during a KQ") and passive magic ("your eyes glow red when you are angry") as you level aswell.   For example, if your character is the offspring of Safrin and you want to have star-related magic, you might choose something like: Star Sight | Can read the stars and gain information about upcoming events (Can use this ability once per month to learn about admin-related plot events)   Constellation | Can conjure fantastical creatures made of stars to aid in battle   In each case, these magics are more powerful than we would allow regular custom magics to be, but they are also focused on 'star-related' aspects. Because Demi Gods are unique, much of their leveling and abilities will need to be discussed with admins. Demi Gods that are more animalistic might have increased numbers of shifts, mythical shifts, or other unique traits and feats. Ascended-based Demi Gods might have more powerful upgrades, etc.