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Employee of the Year

Dungeon Burger has several types of employee awards, but while Employee of the Week and Employee of the Month are meant for local branches, Employee of the Year is only given to one individual or group in all of Dungeon Burger each year, and carries a significant reward with it: 1,000 gp (split among the members if a group wins the award), a bonus equal to 10% of total earned salary the next year, and a life-sized portrait, which is hung in the Employee of the Year corridor (previously known as the "Good Effort" corridor and filled with trophies of adventurers who tried to slay Bob in the past), each painting with a placard explaining why the award was rewarded.
  The winner is announced a week before the ceremony, a banquet in Dungeon Burger Headquarters attended by senior employees from all over Koglodur in addition to all staff currently active in Dungeon Burger Headquarters, with all kinds of food normally reserved for rich customers only. During the ceremny, Bob gives a speech and reveals the portrait. Once he leaves the hall to hang up the painting, a party starts, which lasts until noon the next day. All staff that handles the catering during the party is paid double.
  Although nominations are made by management members, Bob alone decides who has benefited Dungeon Burger the most, and his choices can be peculiar, as in 1420 PGD he awarded the first title posthumously to an employee who was trampled by the carriage of a nobleman, as it gave him an excuse to burn down the nobleman's mansion and claim the land for Dungeon Burger. The nomination system was introduced in 1421 PGD as a result.
  The winners of the Employee of the Year award:
    • 1420 PGD: Intern Lucky (posthumously), for sacrificing their life for the greater good of Dungeon Burger.
    • 1421 PGD: Acquisition expert Krystrid Frostbeard, for slaying a Mythril Dragon, resulting in record profits.
    • 1422 PGD: Irregular team the Starbreakers (posthumously for two members), for helping stop an invasion of eldritch beasts during a dungeon delivery, boosting the company's reputation for getting the job done.
    • 1423 PGD: Irregular team the Rascals, for helping Dungeon Burger expand into the Plains of Madness and recruiting the Spectators Xyx and Yxy.
  • 1424 PGD: Irregular employee Somebody, for impersonating the Denynumma Regent and arranging a permit for Dungeon Burger to operate a large booth during the Festival of Light.


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