Little Pilzen

Little Pilzen is the home settlement of the Pivo Dwarves in the Cuivienen belt. Over 95 percent of the inhabitants are dwarves and embrace a common cultural heritage of unknown origins.   It has grown to multiple domes spread across several large asteroids, but they keep close contact and marriages and family are common across different domes. This seems to ensure a common heritage that does not become fragmented by distance or lack of communication.    The settlement is home to the production of Pivo, and most inhabitants support the production, transportation, and sale in one form or another. Buildings in the settlement are typically brightly colored and painted with depictions of fruits and leaves, most especially hops, grain, and barley.

Industry & Trade


The settlement is pre-gap, therefore no one knows any history beyond that. The primary resource and export is Pivo


The Pivo Dwarves host tours of their facilities to those who want to visit. Included is a night stay and unlimited sampling of Pivo during and after the tour.   There is also an annual festival where the Pivo Dwarves show off their cultural costumes, dances, and plenty of Pivo flows. This festival marks the annual harvest of the plant ingredients, hops and barley.


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