Braythe: shattered realities Day 2: New boundaries

Day 2: New boundaries

Military action

Day 2 of Ashandri / Second Void of Year 1, Day of Ash

After all that happened, the overwhelming desire for Ashandri's denizens was stability. New borders were established, new leaders chosen, and in many cases, those who endangered stability were declared enemies.

They had survived. Not just the apocalypse, but also the insanity that was the first day of Ashandri. As the sky emerald shined its light over the new world's first real morning, people slowly started to rebuild civilization.   Defenses were built, new leaders were chosen, and at least at some places, peace treaties with the new neighbours were made. But for some, it was also the beginning of outright war. At many places, people were so scared they fought off anything that threatened safety. This not only included outside threats, but also those that were changed through magic, or that simply opposed the majority's views.   Some still call this the Day of the Outcasts, and those driven out of their homes often gathered to build new communities elsewhere. Others became travellers, searching their luck far away from any settlements.   Certain areas, especially at the borders between two regions, were particularly conflicted. The frontier between Delvaroth and the Ember Wastelands turned into a war zone, the bloody battles shifting from one region to the other. Thousands upon thousands lost their lives that day. But with the connections to the afterlife still cut off, this turned the territory into a place haunted by armies of ghosts - literally. And they still fight each other, night after night.   Fortunately, this turn of events shocked the warring parties so much that the unmitigated war stopped the very next day. The hatred towards each other stayed, though, and a few smaller groups still tried to invade each other's homelands.   But even if this was the worst war in the beginning of Ashandri, it wasn't the only one. Undead forces from the Ocean of Ash tried to fight their way into Delvaroth, some of them plaguing the area to this day. Smaller settlements between Shamrua and villages on the bordering regions fought each other. Many communities within a region also experienced battles to secure ressources or establish new borders. Rumours also tell of armed forces from the Mesmerizing Mountains storming the Bleeding Jungles, but the different narratives are confusing: Some say it was a retaliation because of a previous attack from the inhabitants of the jungle's border settlements, some even say the "armed forces" were actually refugees. Most probably, it was a mixture of all of that.

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