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In the old world of Virthys, the quality of life for half-elves depended very much on where they lived. Elves and humans were very dominant species, and offspring of the two races wasn't a rare thing. Still, some nations and cultures promoted purity, and in some extreme cases, half-elves were seen as abominations.   None of these nations survived the apocalypse, so half-elves in Ashandri are usually off to a better start. In Delvaroth, they are treated just like everyone else; in the swimming cities of the Ocean Heart, they're even called the Children of Light. The elven tribes in the Bleeding Jungles are wary of their mixed offspring, though, and parents often have to leave their communities with their children.  



Shadowblood Half-Elf

  The rare offspring of Shadowblood Elves and humans usually have a far darker fate than other half-elves. Not only are the humans rarely consensual partners, the children are often seen as experiments or playthings. Many Shadowblood half-elves try to flee their homelands, but most of them die trying. Some are also sent to the surface world as agents, either bound by magic or by being trained into obedience.   In the realms above the ground, they're at least considered suspicious. Cities like Hag's Rest of Blackbed tolerate them, but even there, they're usually given a hard time.   The offspring of Shadowbloods resemble regular half-elves in many ways, but they share the Shadowblood Elves' thick black veins. The skin sometimes looks a bit rougher and more grey than usual. Occasionally, their shadows seem to make slight movements of their own. But if you look closer, everything appears normal.   Shadowblood Half-Elf Traits   Replacing the Skill Versatility trait of regular half-elves, Shadowblood Half-Elves gain the Aberration Familiar of Shadowblood Elves.

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