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The land of hills and forests


  Lush meadows, beautiful hills and large forests - Delvaroth is a prospering land, at least when you focus on nature. It was also hit hardest by the two invasions from Va’Laeth, and the locals still expect a new war to break out any moment. Many people still grieve about everything (and everyone) they lost to the Ravager Elves and their allies.   Despite all this, the Delvarati do their best to believe in a better future. Yes, they experienced an apocalypse, and they survived two wars in three years. But they survived. And now, they are willing to defend their home, and stubbornly rebuild everything that was destroyed.   Aside from the large cities, there are many small villages and hamlets in Delvaroth. They probably make up the majority of the land’s population, and those in strategically important locations grow fast. Some towns were founded only after the second invasion from Va’Laeth. Refugees that returned to destroyed homes banded together, specifically seeking isolated locations that are hard to access.  

Culture and politics

  Delvaroth has always been a land of diversity. Different races lived together in cities and towns, while some races also kept their homes in more traditional areas. Elven cities hidden in the land’s vast forests are as common as dwarven mines in the mountains.   The supernatural world has also always had an important influence here. Many rulers and heroes gained their power and status from pacts with otherworldly entities. To this day, it’s not uncommon for Delvarati to make such pacts.   At least at present, the country has no common ruler. With many of the old power structures gone, the cities rule themselves. Smaller towns often pledge their allegiance to nearby bigger cities in return for protection and shared resources. Some of the local rulers as well as a few organizations hope to unite Delvaroth (under their rule, of course). So far, it’s impossible to say who - if anyone - will succeed with this task.


Delvaroth has always been known for its beautiful hills and rich forests. It is a fertile land, and even most of the mountains in its northeastern area are full of life. Aside from the big lakes and rivers like the Slumberpool lake, Mermaid's Rest or Cauldron's Flow, there are smaller water bodies everywhere in this region.   The Blackriver is a stream of ash splitting the land apart, over 70 miles wide. Combining manual labor and the use of magic, the inhabitants of the area have built a giant bridge over the stream, about twenty miles wide itself. Permanent markets and even small settlements have been established on the bridge.   In the west, Delvaroth features the edge of the world-island, offering a fascinating view into the purple void and access to the world-chain leading to Va'Laeth.

Ecosystem Cycles

The seasonal changes in Delvaroth are so predictable that the Arcanists shaped their calendar after the Delvarati seasons. Both nature and the life in cities and towns is shaped by a very typical cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


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