Monsters, creatures, ideas really that live outside the Underworld’s walls. They feed on the emotions of lost souls. All emotions, which is why I told you to go inside as numb as possible.” - Rahim
  Nightmares are ghastly creatures that exist beyond the Underworld's walls. Before becoming a Nightmare, they were lost souls seeking out a creature known as the Nightmare of Sin. When a soul fails to find it and remain lost, they slowly begin to morph into a Nightmare themselves, destined to forever wander and crave another's essence.   Each domain of sin has it's own kind of Nightmare. Each Prince has a Nightmare of Sin which is a beast that reigns supreme over the others. It is also the only Nightmare, save for Pride's, that listen and answer to a Prince. Gluttony has a boar, Lust has a cow, Envy has a dog, Sloth is a goat, Greed is a frog, Wrath is a bear, and Pride is a horse though it is known to shapeshift into a peacock and lion at times.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Though the need differs depending on where the Nightmare stalks, each Nightmare has a ravenous appetite that can't be quelled. They, in essence, reflect the sin that they are mirrored after. Gluttony Nightmares are never sated despite how much they eat. They are gruesome and will hunt anything they see, even sometimes each other. This causes these Nightmares to typically be loners but will gather quickly when fresh prey is sensed. They are not known to be the smartest Nightmares and can easily be outrun and tricked. They will not chase after their meal for very long.


Geographic Distribution

Envy Nightmares

Envy Nightmares are thought to be the easiest to deal with, mostly due to their great interest in fighting amongst themselves. The quickest way to avoid them is that when chased, find another. With this, the Nightmares will turn their attention on each other. Otherwise, an Envy Nightmare will attempt to mesmerize its prey into a future that they can't hope to have but wish for desperately. If the individual succumbs to their envy, they will perish.  

Wrath Nightmares

Wrath Nightmares are bloodthirsty and feed off of pain. This pain can either be caused by whatever they are hunting or pain caused by them. An example of this is when Roe is facing a Wrath Nightmare the Nightmare goads them into either hitting them repeatedly or by fighting Roe. If the individual gives into anger, they will be destroyed. Though highly dangerous, Wrath Nightmares are easily tricked and left alone by inaction.  

Sloth Nightmares

Sloth Nightmares are perhaps the smartest yet the laziest. Despite this, many fall prey simply due to their appearance. These Nightmares are always monstrous in size and reek of the individual's most hated smells. Typically the smell alone is enough to bring an individual to their knees. It is the inaction of a Sloth Nightmare that causes them to typically win out. Many begin to forget that the lazy creature is still a Nightmare and after passing a few, will lose fear of being attacked. These Nightmares will begin to form an ambush style of attack where they close in on the individual, giving them no way to run.  

Greed Nightmares

The next Nightmare is that of greed. They are similar to Sloth and Envy Nightmares. They are more prone to fight and argue with each other, allowing the individual to slip by undetected. But they are smart and when they do get their hands on an individual, there is low chance of escape.  

Lust Nightmares

Lust Nightmares are always craving another victim, similar to the eating habits of Gluttony. With each soul they devour, they desire another. What makes them dangerous is their crafty and manipulative manner. It is hard for an individual to not give in to desire and so when trapped, their is little chance of escape. When one does escape, another Nightmare is always close enough to try again. An individual does not need to fall into their desire to be killed. As long as their prey is stuck within the desire dream, they are being fed off of. Typically, this is where Lust Nightmares reign supreme. Unlike others who try to get their prey as quick as possible. Lust demons will tailor dreams to be both realistic and impossible to escape, feeding on them as long as they can.  

Pride Nightmares

The most dangerous Nightmare, is Pride's. They are the smartest, strongest, and are even known to wield weapons. Pride demons use an individual's entire identity against them, planning clever traps and ambushes to get the kill. They work like Sloth Nightmares in the way but their ambushes are far more planned out and even seem to have multiple ones in place. They are known to shapeshift to appear weak and even will act as if they have fallen, letting their prey believe they have won. The Nightmares are fiercely territorial and will attack anything that crosses into their land, even demons and the other Prince's.


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