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The city of Posa can be found on the planet of Cral-Matoo Pthloka.
It was formerly a city used by an unknown, presumably extinct, bipedal alien species. The city is currently being used by artificial machines. If a ship comes near by it is scanned. If any organic life is aboard the ship, the planet security procedure kicks in. This is as follows:
  1. Message "Stop approaching on the planet! All organic life must await testing, if this is unacceptable you must depart."
  2. If this is complied with, the ship is fully inspected and any organic life will either destroyed, detained for further use or imprisoned for crimes against artificial life.
  3. Automated message: "You are not complying with the planet 01010000 01101111 01110011 0110000 you will be boarded with all organic life will be apprehended."
  4. Automated message if the shields go up: You are obstructing us organic life will be eliminated and all life will be martyred.


88.3% of the city surface is being used by artificial life forms, either by them or the stuff they use.

11.6% is a ancient ruined buildings with no electronic remains, which is only used by wild animals.


Current defences include a energy shield

Industry & Trade

Know known trade but its computer and electronic industry is vast. This is for both manufacturing and maintenance. 
There is also mining facilities.


Notable areas left in the ruined ancient city
Entertainment Sector - Contains an amphitheatre, 2 outside theatres and the remains of a race track.
Meeting and Trade Sector - Contains a large Forum and and tiny forum of that along with several religious ruins.
Burial Sector - On the outskirts of the city on the old road out of the ancient city are varies tombs and burial areas including underground catacombs.
  Notable areas of the "Modern" area
Holographic District. This contains several modified buildings from its time with organic residents which includes 3 skyscrapers multiple smaller officer blocks and a former organic hospital. The 3 Skyscrapers and being extended to make a mega structure.
  The Cisterns - The former cisterns of the city is now void of water and will contain a lot of flying A.I. and A.I. who need flat surfaces.


There are remains of stone structures with similarities to Roman and Byzantium architecture on Earth. Then there are is the buildings of the bipedal aliens that lived here combined with the straight sided shaped architecture that is combined with circular passage ways through out the buildings, especially the newer buildings. If any bipedal species would amazed with the lack of rooms in the new buildings.


The city was build on 3 hills but now these are barely noticeable now that most have been built in to or leveled.
This is still be worked on and improved, so wipe off the dst and your br fine.


Founding Date
1456 BC
Alternative Name(s)
01010000 01101111 01110011 0110000
Intelligent biological lifeforms: circa 320; Artificial: Unknown by human scanners
Location under


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