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Bone Carp

I recommend against jumping into the Styx, Vampire. These waters are full of deadly monstrosities, such as carp.
— The Ferryman
In the distant past, bone carp were small and gentle fish, living in the inky waters of the River Styx and were popular with anglers. At some point, however, something about their morphology changed. Now they are large, hulking scavengers, almost skeletal in appearance, that bristle and menace with bony spines and adorned with bands of ghostly white scales, who will opportunistically descend upon anything edible that falls into the Styx.   There are many theories as to why the bone carp have undergone such a monstrous transformation. One of the theories that have gained the most traction is that this is the result of the collective folklore beliefs of Dwarven Souls, whose culture contains various folk tales of anglers and fishermen who were snatched from the water's edge by gigantic carp and dragged to their death. It is believed that this behaviour is due to Dwarven beards being the preferred building material for the carps' spawning nests.

Scourge of the Styx

Bone carp inhabit the entirety of the Styx. Where one can be found, more are sure to be nearby. They have the temperaments of a particularly hostile piranha, and whole schools will descend on anything juicy and fleshy that enters the water, not caring if it is actually edible or not. They have sharp, inward pointing teeth and will thrash and tear off chunks of flesh caught in their jaws.   It us rumoured that there is an especially colossal and mean individual lurking deep in the submerged depths of the Library of Verti. This gargantuan carp appears entirely skeletal and also inexplicably constantly on fire. Known as Uristbane, this beast is born from the collective nightmares of ten thousand Dwarven Souls.
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Annie Stein
2 Dec, 2022 21:21

Belief-altered beings are a neat trope that I don't see used much, especially for smaller creatures like fish! Nice work!

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