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Svend Hel-Dodger

Svend was always up for a challenge. He was the sort to stand at the edge of a cliff while storm winds buffetted, and laugh as he staggered nearly falling. Naturally, while investigating the disappearance of a herd of sheep and their shepherds, he was the first to enter and scout the cave. Shortly afterwards shouts and the unearthly bellows of a great beast echoed back to those who waited his return. A great cloud of fog and dust burst from the cave and in the haze a huge quadrapedal beast with a long, slender neck and great glowing eyes rushed forth. Svend's sword thust into its chest to the hilt and part of his bright blue tunic dangling from the beast's tusks. Terror swept the onlookers, freezing them in place with it's gaze. The sword had struck true and the beast soon staggered and fell, but not before many others met its gaze and succumbed to the petrification. Of all that fell that day Svend was the only one thought to die a warrior's death and pass on to Valhalla. He dodged the fate of those that cowered weaponless, adding their numbers to Hel's Hall.   Many people remember the tale and it serves quite often as a Fable, encouraging bravery in the face of the unknown.

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