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In the fungal gardens of the Juxtalen they have bred a giant shelf fungus which can span several feet. Related to formes formentarius it contains an analog to amadou. Once the hard upper layer is shaved away and the lower spore producing structure removed a flexible golden-brown material remains.   This is then shaved into garment thickness while fresh and then treated. First it is boiled in water with sodium hydroxide, then boiled again in plain water to leach the chemical out. While wet it is worked over, shaved to a uniform thickness and rubbed over edges of planks, rocks or benches to further stretch and soften the fibers. Finally it is moisturized with a light oil and allowed to begin drying. Periodically it is rubbed over edges and stretched. Very light shroomsuede can be made which drapes nearly like woven fabrics can be made this way. It can also be bleached nearly white if the initial sodium hydroxide wash is prolonged and the solution is sufficiently concentrated.   The resulting material is soft and stretchy. While easily cut and sewn into clothing, it is highly resistant to abrasion. It can be dyed and takes color easily, especially if done while the shroomsuede is colored before it is oiled and dried.   The Juxtalen make all manner of form fitting clothes. It doesn't breathe well unless shaved very thin, but is still excellent for the damp caverns they congregate in or the open desert at night. They make some thicker clothes for the frigid times of the year. Protective gloves and aprons will also be made from thicker shroomsuede.   If shroomsuede is not produced with all the processing, it will dry into a rigid, light material which absorbs water readily, but remains inflexible. Some craftspersons will use this hard material. It can be cut with saws and will take a polish, but won't come to a high gloss without other finishing techniques.

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