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Gorgon Powers

"All those rumors? All the things its been said you can do? I don't buy a word of it," Perth said with a scowl. " And I'm confident that if we came in there, there'd be nothing that any of you could do to stop us."

"Oh, really?" Belinda said with a knowing smile. She removed the coke-bottle glasses from her face. "Then look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying."

One of the key traits that all gorgons share is that they all possess psychic powers related to their eyes. These powers tend to differ depending on the color of their eyes, and often require direct sight to work. These powers aren't perfect, however, and can be stopped or blocked through various means.

Power Classes

Most gorgons' powers fall in line with specific classes, which have been noted to correspond with their iris colors. Over the years, a general outline has been compiled by gorgons studying these patterns.
  1. Warm Colors--Powers that extend to the surrounding environment
    • Magenta--Psychometrics (perceiving residual information from surrounding objects)
    • Red--Mental manipulation of tangible objects (telekinesis, etc.)
    • Vermillion--Mental manipulation of intangible substances (pyrokinesis, etc.)
    • Orange--Body control (can manipulate someone's movements or even temporarily paralyze them)
    • Amber--Mind control (can manipulate someone to do whatever the user wants)
    • Yellow--Sensory manipulation (can create realistic hallucinations)
  2. Cool Colors--Powers that don't extend beyond the user
    • Chartreuse--Perception manipulation (user can either draw or divert people's attention, either making themselves the center of attention or rendering themselves functionally invisible)
    • Green--Psychic camouflage (user can make themselves look physically different in other people's eyes)
    • Teal--Deception perception (can sense when they're being lied to or otherwise mentally deceived)
    • Blue--Enhanced sight (can see things from far away, at microscopic level, or in different light spectrums)
    • Indigo--Eidetic memory ("photographic" memory that allows the user to recall any information with perfect clarity)
    • Violet--Empathy (sensing and internalizing the emotions of others)
  3. Neutral Colors--Rarest type, powers that focus on connections between the user and their surrounding environment
    • Silver--Mind sharing (can exchange memories or mental perceptions with the target)
    • White--Telepathy (can mentally communicate with people or animals)


As a gorgon's powers are connected to their eyes, they have to be able to actually see to use their powers. If a gorgon is blinded or loses their eyes, their powers disappear with their sight. Also, Concealing Lenses have been noted to dilute the effects of a gorgon's powers, though normal glasses lenses don't seem to have this issue.

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