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Primer to Biocore

Every new technology will be improved by a corporation until it maximizes our misery. Still we keep coming back to beg for more, every time.
— Lancer

This article contains meta information about Biocore and how to get started exploring the world.


What is Biocore about?

Biocore explores a future where humans have become subjects to their technological advancement. The majority of the population spends their entire life inside automatized, multi-level megacities of gigantic scale. Megacorporations rule like kings while propping up an empty shell of democracy that plays like a cheap soap opera.   Using science, just about everything from drugs to AI has been explored, modelled, and turned into a method to control the population. Those in power have mastered the art of making a sane person believe in obvious lies.
The setting draws heavily from Cyberpunk themes, such as the tension between humanity and technology or the absolute power of ruthless megacorporations. Compared to the works that inspired it, Biocore focuses more on imagining how breakthroughs in Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence would shape our lives.   Special attention is also given to the "punk" aspect of Cyberpunk. Hence, counter cultures rejecting the new normal play an essential role in this world. Much of the writing will revolve around rebels, dissidents, criminals and outcasts and their fight against a frighteningly powerful system.

A word on perspectives

Most articles on Biocore are written by inhabitants of this world and shared over the darknet-like platform DESY (short for Datashard Exchange System). In 2172, fragmented information spaces are everywhere, though most are just as hopeless as the corporate-controlled traditional media. The DESY is one of the better examples and the content they publish is usually reliable.
Its members are a wild mix of students, hackers, activists, journalists and some odd professionals of all kinds. Instructions on how to access the Exchange are spread over dark channels and word of mouth, which gives it a whiff of subtle resistance for those who started to mistrust the corporate narratives. It is through their eyes you will experience the world.
Look out for the dark "secret" boxes in the article, as they contain additional commentary and hints at hidden plotlines. If you wish to access them, you can click below to join the group. This choice merely determines whether you will be able to view exclusive information, nothing else will change.
While the contributors have (mostly) good intentions, the articles are biased by their attitudes and don't necessarily convey the whole truth. Although that fact is not widely advertised, there is a secret circle of Exchange members who receive access to more exclusive information.

Re: Application

From: Lancer
To: ████
Date: ██/██/2072

Your application was verified and you were granted privileged access to the Datashard Exchange System.

Do you wish to accept?

Exclusive for privileged members of the Datashard Exchange System

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