Desert Strider

The desert strider is a large reptile that seems designed for riding across warm to hot deserts. It is able to maintain riding speeds of 5-6 miles per hour indefinitely, given regular breaks of about half an hour every three to four hours. It can maintain a faster trot of about 12 miles per hour for up to an hour at a time and sprint to about 25 miles per hour for a few minutes at a time.   The desert strider has strong jaws, able to easily crunch on small birds and mammals. When hunting, the head can move with lightning-fast speed. For defense the strider uses its tail as a whip, with enough strength to knock an average human to the ground with potentially substantial injuries.

Basic Information


The desert strider has four, relatively slim legs, a tail, and a large, flat head. While running, it's mid-torso and head both remain relatively stable. A rider will not move much, even with a set of reins on the head or neck.   The feet have insulating pads, protecting them from the heat of desert sand.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Hunts and catches live birds and mammals, ranging from rats to wild dogs and coyotes as well as most desert birds, sometimes even including hawks, especially if they can be caught unawares. It also will eat barrel cacti and similar for water, gulping a cactus whole. The strider's mouth and gullet are especially tough, allowing spines and quills to be largely ignored when eating cacti and some of the more heavily armed desert fauna.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Uses tongue to smell. Eyes have a nictitating membrane, allowing it to see in dust storms.
25 years
Average Height
5½ – 6½ feet to the top of the head
Average Length
14 – 18 feet from the tip of the tail to the nose.

Cover image: by Michael D Johnson

Desert Strider

Wealth Level
45' running
  • Agility: 5
  • Feats
  • Bane Focus I: (Knockdown)
  • HP
    Guard: 15
    Toughness: 15
    Resolve: 12


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